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June RISE Coffee Subscription Box

RiSE Coffee Box was born in lockdown 2020, by Ben & Alice founders of the subscription box. During lockdown they both missed their flat white every morning on their way to work. Searching on google to find their perfect coffee subscription, they found loads of options but there weren’t any coffee subscriptions that offered the variety and mix they were looking for, so the couple launched RiSE coffee after a kickstarter campaign during the first national lockdown.

Rise Coffee

We had the pleasure of trying RiSE Coffee subscription box June, it came within a few days with Royal Mail. We tried two speciality coffee blends that were whole bean bags at 227-250 grams, which holds about 20-30 cups or more depending on what coffee you prefer- my partner, Asiel has espressos every morning so was pleased that we had new coffee beans to try!

Press Coffee & Co – Presbitero (Peru) tastes like coconut, nutmeg and tamarind. This is from northern Peru where the changing weather, can create humid, wet, hot and dry soil. This coffee is naturally dried in the sun for 1-15 days with no pesticides or fertilizers.

Jericho Coffee Trades – Katanda (Dr Congo) Fruit salad vibes – bright tangerine and sweet grape acidity. The ideal environment for arabica cultivation is plentiful sunshine, rainfall and high elevations – rich fertile volcanic soil. 

Asiel is more of the coffee addict than I am, he can drink coffee throughout the day whereas I can only handle one. When we first opened Press Coffee & Co – Peru the aromas were gorgeous and filled our apartment, it reminded us of a coffee shop in a packet – a lovely fresh brewed smell.


RiSE coffee box does blind tastes and chooses only the best premium coffees from across the UK. From the smallest roasters in the countryside to London’s largest and most popular cafes.

Press Coffee & Co – Peru tasted rich smooth and full of flavour. We decided to compare which coffee maker would get the best result out of the beans – we first tried it with the coffee machine using a super fine grind the flavour was rich and much stronger in taste, the percolator which we used a coarse grind made the coffee much smoother and the thirdly the cafetière which Claire tested out for us using oat milk for her Americano she thought the flavour was subtle but tasted like toffee. We all had different opinions but my personal favourite was using the percolator as it gave it a much smoother finish. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to trying the second bag, which we will update you on!


Their website is fun with bold bright colours, and is very easy to navigate around – I especially loved browsing through their gifts section a range of interesting gifts for coffee lovers alike, from cafetière starter kits to more luxury beauty boxes. 

A RiSE Coffee monthly subscription cost £16.99 per box, but they have other options like fortnightly, bi monthly or a trial option. And of course there is an option to pause or cancel anytime.

You can order whole bean coffee or ground coffee from them. They do recommend ordering whole beans as this maintains the freshness of the beans and flavour. If you don’t have a grinder, select ‘ground’ and they’ll send it ready for you to use in your Cafetière, V60, Aeropress, Mokka pot, Espresso machine or Dripper.

We all thoroughly enjoyed tasting the complexity of the flavours that the beans bought to our morning coffees, we highly recommend!

Head to their website to check them out and they are currently offering first box for 50% off!

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by RiSE Coffee on a complimentary basis.

3 thoughts on “June RISE Coffee Subscription Box

  1. This looks like a great box for coffee lovers. I’ve bought something similar for my brother before as he loves coffee, as does my dad x


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