Blue Tea Box Subscription

Blue Tea Subscription Box

Earlier this week I posted the Blue Coffee Box Subscription here and today I’d like to share their Tea subscription box. Personally, I’m more of a tea lover than a coffee lover. Since I was young I’ve always drunk tea and more so now that I live with my best friend, Claire. We have a cupboard full of different varieties – herbal, black and green teas alike, so when Blue Tea Box offered me their tea subscription box to review- I jumped at the chance! 

A little bit about Blue Tea Box, they are owned by the same duo Jon and Harvey Butt and they ethically source their teas from smallholders, local cooperatives and smaller plantations where possible. By encouraging the growth of high quality, often organic tea and the farmers are better paid. 

Tea Subscription

You can choose from a bag or a box, this is also curated for you or a loved one.

You can pick and select your perfect tea by choosing from black, green, fruit & herbal and their most popular ‘surprise me’ selection. The next step is to choose what you want to avoid in your box – caffeine, gluten, nuts, dairy, liquorice or no allergies. The next step is to select how often you’d like your deliveries – monthly or bi monthly. Like the coffee subscription their pre-paid 6 months subscription is more popular amongst their customers. 

If fancy trying their tea subscription you can get £3 off using my discount code – WC3 Free UK delivery, Europe £3.99 and the rest of the world £6.99.

With loose leaf tea, you can usually get another brew from the same leaves.

We received a box with 3 different loose leaves – fruit tea, herbal and a rooibus, and each tea came with their very own tasting notes. The packaging was minimal and they had used soft colours to create an inviting ambience. On each packet the front has a simple guide on how to brew the tea leaves, which I found useful however I tend to leave my leaves in there throughout the duration of me drinking it. 

The Sweet Orange – instantly greets you with a fruity smell that reminded me of a fruit cake. When I dunked the tea infuser into hot water, the water immediately changed into a vibrant blood orange.

You could substitute this tea for a dessert if you don’t fancy having pudding. I love that it’s caffeine free so I can drink it at night, as well as throughout the day. This is a great wintry drink, to cosy up on your sofa or bed.

The Mood tea had an earthy smell to it but once brewed it reminded me of the Cyrsamtheun tea, the taste was rather light and subtly floral. This was a tea I could easily drink throughout the day.

Rooibus Coconut and Turmeric tea – something I wouldn’t go for if it was an option on the shelf but I’m glad it was in the subscription box. When I first opened it the smell was pleasant. It wasn’t overpowering it had a subtle sweet coconut smell and when brewed you can smell a whiff of turmeric, but when I took a sip I was pleasantly surprised how light it was, and very enjoyable to drink. I actually prefer it to the first two! I’m not a big fan of coconut in general but the roasted coconuts worked in this tea blend and created a sweeter flavour.

My favourite out of the 3 would have to be and I’m sure you have guessed – Rooibus Coconut and Turmeric, it was so light and put me in a good mood- I could easily drink it anytime of the day! Blue Tea Box is an absolute delight and a perfect gift for this Christmas. If you’d like to treat yourself or treat someone else you can use my discount code – WC3 for £3 off your first box. I strongly recommend this tea subscription box even if it’s a one off or a couple of months to see how you get along. 

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by Blue Coffee Box on a complimentary basis.

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