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Blue Coffee Subscription Box

Last month we were approached by Blue Coffee Box to review their coffee box subscription. We gladly accepted and have been very pleased with their service.  If you’re an avid coffee lover this subscription box is right up your street, or if you know someone you’d like to gift for Christmas. 

Blue Coffee Box was founded by father and son, Jon and Harvey Butt in May 2018, UK’s gourmet coffee club in a letterbox-friendly box. This is a gourmet coffee subscription service that has been handpicked from 22 countries selected for coffee lovers alike. It is freshly hand roasted in the UK, and delivered straight to your door with the origin and tasting notes. These coffee beans are ethically sourced.  

Coffee Subscription Box

You can choose from a bag or a box. 

We received a box- 2 large packets of coffee along with a card which outlines their tasting notes – a great way to collect information about where your coffee comes from. This subscription is curated for you or for your loved one as you can choose which coffee suits you! 

Choosing from 5 different ways to recieve your coffee subscription – ground, pour over, aeropress, espresso grinds or whole beans which they recommend. The next step is selecting the strength of your coffee light, medium or dark. If you’re daring you can opt for the ‘surprise me’ bean, I’m sure you’ll be in good hands! You can also choose whether you want decaf or a bit of both – one bag decaf and the other one standard. Then your next option is to choose how often you’d like the delivery – every 2 weeks, monthly or bi-monthly.  

Then comes the payment plan. We personally prefer paying each month but their popular service is pre paying 6 months in advance for 3 deliveries or you can pre pay a whole year. For all this their prices are decent and you can get £3 off using my discount code – WC3 Free UK delivery, Europe £3.99 and the rest of the world £6.99. Don’t worry you can easily cancel your subscription too! 

We had the pleasure of trying two different packets – Anasora Guji and Cajibo.  

We loved the packaging, a pastel blue which is gentle on your eyes, and not an overly complicated design. The ground coffee we opted for was covered in tissue paper. We didn’t have to open the packets to get the smell as you can easily smell it through the box. The coffee bags are easily tearable and can be sealed up when not in use.  

More information about the coffee can be found on each of the bags, including the process, growing process and region. You also get a roasted-on date, this is to ensure your coffee stay’s fresh. For best flavour and freshness you should use your coffee within 4 weeks, but each bag is good for around 3 months.  

These bags go a long way! We only finished the coffee this week! 

Anasora Guji 

The Anasora Guji is a beautiful caramel ground coffee, light in flavour and very smooth- easy to drink. Great for introducing to non-coffee drinkers, who would like to start drinking coffee or that prefers a smoother finish. 


A stronger flavour than the Anasora Guji, the ground coffee beans were a darker caramel colour, we also found it smooth to drink however myself and Claire had different views on which coffee we preferred; she found the Cajibo her favourite out of the two, whereas I loved the Anasora Guji as it was much lighter in flavour and she loved the stronger taste.  

Overall, this coffee subscription box is a great gift for yourself or for your loved one. Each box is filled with useful information about the coffees and location that enlightens your knowledge about coffee. We highly recommend this subscription! Don’t forget if you’d like to buy Blue Coffee Box subscription head over to their website and use my discount code to get £3 off your first purchase! 

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by Blue Coffee Box on a complimentary basis.

11 thoughts on “Blue Coffee Subscription Box

  1. I’ve only recently gotten into coffee, but I am now super obsessed. This subscription box sounds great and the Anasora Guji sounds right up my street!


  2. Oh we love coffee and would look like walking zombies if we didn’t have it ! This looks a great subscription service 🙂


  3. A coffee subscription box sounds like a lovely idea. I know a few people that would really appreciate that as a gift. They really do love their coffee!


  4. I think this is so good to help people to try out different types of coffee that they’d otherwise not try themselves. I have a one-off box of this for my brother for Christmas x


  5. What a great idea for a subscription box! I am struggling with gift ideas for my brother in law so this might just do the trick!


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