An Italian Snack Surprise

March Snack Surprise box was Italy and I’ve definitely found some new favourites! I hope you enjoy my review 😊

Yonkers snack al formaggie- tasty! light cheese flavour but it’s nice and crunchy and leaves you with a salty aftertaste, that left me wanting more!

Fronzies Gli Originali- reminds me of Knick knacks, the cheese flavour is a lot more subtle compared to the Yonkers!

Pan Di stelle- delicious, a crunchy bottom with a thin layer of chocolate on top and with a creamy chocolate centre, and it’s not overly sweet!

Millefoglie D’Italia mini snack – light and crumbles into your mouth and the hazelnut chocolate oozes out when you take a bite, delicious but dangerous as you easily eat the whole packet in one sitting.

Chocolate flavoured ringo biscuits – tasty, the biscuit is crispy, a lovely combo of chocolate biscuit and plain and filled with vanilla cream – it reminds me of my childhood favourite custard cream biscuits with a hint of chocolate!

Duplo Nocciolo – reminds me of buenos, but they have an actual nut inside, delicious- wish there was more of it!

Kinder cards – so tasty, thin crispy layers of biscuit bite and a white & milk chocolate middle, favourite so far from this month’s box!

Loacker Choco & coco – Loacker is one of my favourite brands and I’ve been excited to try it! I’m not the biggest fan of coconut, I would have given it to my partner but the wafer and chocolate was divine and the coconut worked well with it! Super impressed, will be looking out for this flavour in the future!

Goleader – personally was rather fragrant and it tasted like perfume, I wasn’t keen on the flavour and how tough the texture was.

Bonelle squisite- it is a jelly like fruit pastel and 100% vegan, so Claire and I shared them. They are rather sweet and I can only manage 3 in a row, but they taste really good!

My favourites this month has to be kinder cards, playful and tasty! Choco & coco you can’t go wrong with a loacker bar, always moorish! Yonkers snack al formaggie I just love the cheesy crisp crunch! I’m looking forward to trying the April Snack Surprise box, I can’t wait to see which country it’s from!

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