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Do you like sampling new products? I certainly do, I joined Triyit a product discovery club a couple of months ago! It’s totally free all you need to do is give them feedback! When you sign up you select the products you’re more interested in, and when the suitable campaign comes along your account is activated and they’ll send you their latest campaign box!

Triyit is tailored to match your likes and needs, there is a variety of products for you to try from food, drinks, tasty snacks, to cosmetics & grooming, healthcare & household, and everything in between.

Of course, I naturally I levitated towards the food categories. A couple of weeks ago I received their ‘Chilled at Home’ campaign.

Snack Time

These were the life size products that sent me –

Wier’do pop – 100% vegan popcorn they were packaged well and I loved that the packet was full. The flavour was subtle, and it got flavoursome towards the end of the packet. I personally felt the popcorn wasn’t as fresh as it could have been but nevertheless it was an good experience.

Beef Jerky – hot & sweet – isn’t something I’d normally choose but I’m glad I tried it, the flavour was tasty and after a couple you do feel the heat slowly emerging through your tastebuds, personally I felt the jerky was too chewy for me but I can see why others would like it. This is definitely a great snack if you want something high in protein and this could be enjoyed anywhere you like.

Amarula- cream & marula fruit – it was creamy and refreshing, reminded me of a rich and creamier version of baileys, a great drink to relax and enjoy the evening in.

Creamy Beanies – suitable for vegetarians, low fat & sugar free – the salted caramel flavour hits your face once you open the packet, you are instantly met by the salty caramel smell- smelt divine, and the smell was fragrant throughout the drink experience, however I personally thought the mixture tasted watery and the flavour was too subtle for me. Sadly I felt the smell wasn’t as a good as the taste, but I tried it again with less water and it did taste creamier, although I still felt the instant coffee wasn’t as flavoursome as the smell.

Flyte clean energy- come in 2 different flavours red berries and mango passion have are natural flavours, and 100% planted based. I’m actually not a big fan of energy drinks but this was an exception and it didn’t have an aftertaste like most energy drinks I’ve tasted in the past. I received the red berry one, great taste in flavour and definitely something I’d look out for in shops if I need an energy boost.

I loved my first sample box to continue Triy It and receive new products, send them your feedback! My favourites were the creamy Amarula and Flyte clean energy drink, I will certainly be buying them in the future! Sign up here, for your sample box!

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by Triyit on a complimentary basis.

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