Delicious cakes | That won’t throw your health game off track | By Operation Cook Design

Karla Thomas the baker behind Operation cook design, trained as a chef at 19, which is when her passion grew. Her skills grew too and so it was suggested by a couple of her friends to start her own business.

In 2016 she took her passion to the next level and created her own business in low calorie cakes. She has always had a burning desire to bake and with a lot of hard work and development, Karla is now heading in the right direction as she caters for themed dinner parties, events and aids her customers who want support with expanding their product.

Operation Cook Design

The low calorie concept came from Karla not liking sugary desserts but she wanted to find a way of treating others that share the same view.

I had the pleasure in meeting Karla Thomas in person, a down to earth lady, who has a lot of drive and loves to provide her services and cakes to all.

Once I got home I excitedly opened the brown paper bag to find a floral lilac box with a cute purple ribbon tied to it, four delicious homemade brownies were inside and they were carefully placed on a purple napkin.

Who doesn’t love homemade brownies? These samples were a light coco flavour, with chocolate chips hidden amongst the mixture bringing the brownie together. This is great for all ages that aren’t a fan of sweet things but can indulge in cakes that you won’t feel guilty eating as it’s low in sugar and fat! Who would have guessed there could be such a thing?!

Karla bakes cakes on request with different dietary requirements she creatively designs your ultimate treat! To sample her goods check out her website and you can find her through her social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Feast your eyes on these beauties:

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