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No.1 Kombucha | Ginger and Turmeric | A Wintery Pick Me Up

No.1 Kombucha is a brand that was founded by former rugby player Jonny Wilkinson, him and his wife have been brewing kombucha for years and wanted to create a healthy drink for everyone to enjoy. Six years ago he started the journey of launching this product for people like you and me to enjoy in the comfort of our homes.  

Kombucha is a soft drink that is highly spoken about that I hadn’t heard of before, so I had to do some further research to see how this drink has become so popular:

Kombucha is fermented tea that originated from Northeast China, which has been around for at least two thousand years. The first recorded use of kombucha came from the Qin Dynasty, back then it was known as “The Tea of Immortality”. Over hundreds of years it has found its way to Europe through the Russian silk road.  

No.1 Kombucha

No.1 Kombucha is a drink that is made with four natural ingredients; filtered water, organic green tea, organic cane sugar and SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Fresh fruit juices and botanicals are then added during fermentation to give the drink its ultimate taste.

The stated benefits of No.1 Kombucha:

No.1 Kombucha winter care package

Great for your gut and immune system 

A natural source of vitamin C

Contains antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics 

Every bottle has less than 50 calories and is below the sugar levy, yet with no artificial sweeteners. 

Great for the wintery months – to fight back the germs or to enjoy on a daily basis 

No.1 Kombucha comes in three different flavours; Ginger & Turmeric, Passionfruit & Goji, Raspberry, Pomergrante & Hisbiscus 

I had the opportunity to try No.1 Kombucha’s Ginger & Turmeric, a 275ml bottle which is now sold nationwide in Sainsbury’s for £1.95. I was sent a winter care package from Palm Public Relations, on behalf of No.1 Kombucha to trial out their product. If I’m being honest I was a little skeptical at first because I couldn’t get my head around a drink that claimed to taste delicious but also be so healthy for you! I’m so used to my mum telling me ‘this soup is good for you, just drink it’, and I’d down it without questioning her.  

When the care package arrived, I had received strict instructions to put it in the fridge. I was told the kombucha was best to drink chilled, and if it was left out too long it would start to ferment and ruin the taste. I had to take a quick peak to see what I had in store, the package came in a gorgeous wicker basket with a cute hand warmer, a chunk of ginger, a small jar of turmeric and the 275ml bottle of Ginger & Turmeric kombucha.  


The lightly sparkling Ginger & Turmeric to my surprise was tasty, when I opened the bottle I heard a slight fizz and smelt a subtle whiff of ginger, my first sip was incredible it reminded me of lighter version of ginger beer!

My mind was blown away by the flavours, I could easily drink this daily and know my body will be getting its vitamins. I also tried adding the ginger and turmeric that was given to me in the care package, that enhanced the flavours even more! I couldn’t believe that something so healthy could really taste delicious! If I had known I would have tried it a long time ago, and I know a lot of people can benefit from this. I highly recommend No.1 Kombucha Ginger & Turmeric if you’re feeling low or if you want a fancy wintery pick me up! I will definitely purchase this in Sainsbury’s and try the other two flavours to compare! 

*Disclosure: The product in this review was provided by No.1 Kombucha on a complimentary basis.

10 thoughts on “No.1 Kombucha | Ginger and Turmeric | A Wintery Pick Me Up

  1. I have heard a lot about the health benefits of kombucha but never tried. Would love to try this brand and see whether it works for me.


  2. I have heard a lot about the health benefits of kombucha= but never tried. Would love to try this brand and see whether it works for me.


  3. I have to admit I’ve not heard of this brand before. Interesting to hear it has been put together by Johnny Wilkinson. I’ll have to give it a whirl!


  4. I used to have Kombucha and I really like it both for its good health effects. I need to vamp up Veganuary with this I think.


  5. I’m so sad that I can’t drink Kombucha because those health benefits are amazing! Sadly I can’t have fermented foods and drinks as I break out in hives but I used to love it, so tasty!

    Katie xoxo


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