Valpy Street Brasserie

Dinner at Valpy Street Brasserie, Reading Berkshire

Valpy Street Bar & Bistro a French inspired restaurant, hidden amongst the tall buildings and offices between Reading Station and The Forbury Gardens.

I gave a short summary last year on my Facebook page but I wanted to talk more in depth about my recent visit with Miranda. We used to meet weekly for dinner in Oxford but we’ve now converted them to once or twice a month in Reading, our new middle ground!

Valpy Street Brasserie

As you enter the restaurant, the ground floor has a few tables but the main restaurant and its vibe is buzzing in the basement. It hosts a warm, cosy atmosphere that can keep you there for a while. We were greeted by friendly faces that lead us to our seating area which was a nice booth that gave us ample privacy from the chattering guests.

The lighting was lit dimly creating a romantic ambiance. I was given the drinks menu as Miranda was running a little late, but it wasn’t long until she arrived. With an eyebrow towards the cocktail menu, I had two options in mind!

The Apple Pie or the Midnight Mint – I had to ask for a recommendation from our waiter. She personally thought the Apple Pie as it was the more tastier and a popular choice in the restaurant. Miranda, later ordered her favourite, a southern comfort and lemonade. 

We didn’t wait long for our drinks to arrive. My cocktail was presented to me in a short glass with a cinnamon stick poking out from the foam. The cocktail was delicious; an apple cinnamon flavour with a fluffy foam that followed through, it reminded me of Christmas. The cocktail consists of dissaronno, vodka, caramel cinnamon, apple juice, lemon juice and egg white.

Our mains came soon after, Miranda ordered the Beef Bourguignon this had mash potato, and tender sprouting broccoli.

The beef was rich and full of flavour, Miranda loved every moment of it, she offered me a bite – cannot fault her bourguignon. I chose the Herb crusted pork fillet which consisted of fondant potatoes, creamy mustard leeks, crackling cider sauce. I also enjoyed my meal the pork was cooked to perfection with full flavours but sadly I thought the crackling was too tough to eat which was a shame as I saved it to last.

We both had a full stomach but we couldn’t leave the restaurant without something sweet! (She is a bad influence) to be fair the dessert menu was very enticing and we couldn’t help ourselves! Miranda chose the raspberry panna cotta – delicious creamy flavour which melted in my mouth! I chose the pecan pie as I wanted something with a bite! A lovely sweet flavour with a nutty finish.

We were well looked after by the Valpy team.This French restaurant has such a lovely atmosphere, everyone was so friendly and the customers were merrily enjoying one another’s company and food. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Opening times are Monday to Thursday – Lunch 12.00pm – 2.30pm and Dinner 5.00pm – 9.00pm, and Friday & Saturday – Lunch 12.00pm – 3.00pm and Dinner 5.00pm -10.00pm.

15 thoughts on “Dinner at Valpy Street Brasserie, Reading Berkshire

  1. Oh my goodness, we’ve been here!! My husband is French and we love this cosy place for its authenticity and the general vibe. Don’t get me started on those cocktails…they’re amazing!


  2. That food looks like it is to die for! I don’t know what I would choose. The cocktails looks so much fun too. I am glad you both had a lovely time together.


  3. Yumm!!! Everything looks so great! I’m not much of a mixed-drink-drinker but even those looked delicious. I’m going to have to put this on my must-try list!


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