HANA Korean Restaurant

Dinner at Hana Korean Restaurant, Battersea London

‘Hana’, is a family run Korean Restaurant. Situated in Battersea, {facing Battersea Rise road}, with the nearest train station being Clapham Junction.

I stumbled upon Hana on MoveBubble’s ’15 Great Restaurants near Clapham Junction’ and Hana was the 10th shown on the list. I had to research more before booking a table to celebrate my friends birthday!

Hana Korean Restaurant

After a nice afternoon at the spa relaxing and catching up with one another, we made our way towards the restaurant. We arrived earlier than expected but kindly, our waiter welcomed us in and sat us by the window. It was a warm and sticky evening, so we were really grateful to be placed near the breeze. 

Hana’s decor is authentic, with a lot of character it has been thoroughly thought out. The lampshades created a modern twist to the atmosphere.

The tables were laid out neatly with sheets for each individual that decides to dine with Hana, this is a clever way of introducing small facts about the restaurant for example that they opened in 2012, it is a family run restaurant and they make in house sauce. I thought this was a good idea for people to get to know the restaurant that have never dined there before! {interacting with their customers, not just through the food}

The five of us; Claire, Kiran, Caddy, Rachel and myself were delighted to find this cute restaurant and it was such a joy to experience their food and service.

Once settled our waiter came to our table to ask what drinks we’d like to order – Claire ordered their Hite lager – a light, crisp rice lager that’s best drunk ice cold in order to wash down a spicy meal. Kiran chose the Traditional Ginger Beer {Fentimans Botanical Brewing}, made with the finest ginger root and has a fiery taste, this gave a real kick to the soft drink. Caddy chose the Victorian Lemonade {Fentimans Botanical Brewing} – has one and a half lemons to make this refreshing cloudy soft drink. Rachel chose tap water, which our waiter constantly refilled even when the restaurant was busier. I opted for one of their cocktails – Berry Bubble – prosecco, raspberry wine, apple juice and goji berries. I wanted a fun, fruity and summery drink and luckily it hit the spot.

Whilst enjoying our drinks we looked at their vast menu which included almost everything from soup dishes, rice dishes, noodle dishes and korean bbq! I felt like there was a lot of choice and I had to ask to go last to make my order, as I was very indecisive!

For starters Claire opted for their Mandu (veg) – homemade pan-fried vegetables dumplings served with soy sauce. She thought they were really nice and flavoursome, she especially liked how crispy they were. Her main choice was their {new} Tofu Katsu dish – Crispy fried tofu in a homemade fruity brown sauce served with salad and rice. She thought it was really tasty, but it was just too much, and thought the dish would be perfect if shared between two. The flavour of the dish was amazing though and hit the spot.

Kiran started with the {new} Hana Sticky Chicken – Crispy fried battered chicken in a soy chilli sauce. She thought it was really good, and would have had seconds if she could. Her main dish was the Mushroom Bibimbap, super delicious but it defeated her as she thought the portion size was huge!

Caddy chose the Ohjing Oh Ring as her starter – Crispy fried squid rings in breadcrumbs served with a homemade white sauce. She found it delicious and had eaten it in a matter of minutes. Her main dish was the Salmon Bibimbap – Raw salmon, kimchee, cucumber, carrot, pickle radish, courgette and rice served with soy sauce. She also thought the portion size was massive and found it hard to eat it all.

Rachel chose the Mandu (prawn) to start – homemade pan-fried vegetables and prawn dumplings served with soy sauce. She found this mouthwateringly good, her chosen main dish was also the mushroom bibimbap, she thought it was absolutely deliciously and would definitely come back the next time she’s in Clapham Junction.

I opted for the Crab Tuigium to start – Crispy fried soft shell crab in breadcrumbs served with seasoned soy sauce. I personally thought it was not the freshest soft shell crab I’ve tasted and did not enjoy my starter as much as everyone else did. For my main dish I chose the Pork Bibimbap {marinated pork} I loved how the dish was presented- a small wooden bowl table, a generous portion of rice and toppings and the raw egg – I loved how it was sizzling away when I stirred the yolk into the mixture and how it transformed into a divine and flavoursome dish. As it was so tasty and I don’t like wasting food, I forced myself to finish the last grain of rice as it was so delicious!

As we were stuffed, we opted not to order desserts as we didn’t want to go overboard, but we will be back and hopefully opt for desserts! The desserts sounded amazing – ice cream mochi with 3 different flavours – coconut, mango and chilli {something that I’d love to try! As its a little different} and strawberry. {Homemade} Black Sesame Oreo ice cream which sounded delicious and the Chap Sak Ddeok – sweet rice cake filled with Belgian chocolate.

The service was on point and I thought it ran smoothly and they were welcoming. The restaurant itself is small but able to fit a decent amount of people to dine in. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone that wants a filling and affordable meal out. We all enjoyed our dining experience at Hana and definitely had a full stomach at the end of our meal, with no complaints.

Opening times at Hana Monday to Friday 12pm to 2pm and reopens from 5.30pm to 11pm, Saturday and Sunday they open from 12pm to 11pm.

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