Tibits Heddon Street

Dinner at Tibits, Heddon Street London

Tibits was established in Switzerland by 3 brothers Christian, Daniel and Reto Frei. They teamed up with Rolf Hiltl and created their first restaurant in 2000. Tibits specialises in Vegetarian and Vegan food. It is a cool (if slightly dangerous) concept. The wide selection of hot and cold food is laid out, buffet style. You take a plate, load on as much food as you want, and the plate is then weighed, and you pay by weight.

Tibits has two locations in London – one located on Heddon Street, just off Regent Street and  Southwark Street which opened last year. The one I have been to a couple times {and love} is the one on Heddon Street. It’s my go to restaurant for when I want something quick and healthy! 

It’s tucked away from the main road along with a couple of other restaurants – creating a holiday vibe, with busy Londoners enjoying their food and chattering away.

Tibits, Heddon Street

Claire and myself thought it would be a brilliant idea to go out for dinner after work last Friday evening to catch up about our week! We opted for Tibits as it was convenient for both of us and very central, and we needn’t to book as we knew the restaurant had plenty of room – 2 spacious floors with plenty of seating. The staff were lovely, as always, welcoming me in when I waited at the door, I asked whether we could sit outside in the sun.

One of the waitresses happily cleared a table for us and we were sat next to their plants – which helped to create a natural setting. I didn’t have to wait long before Claire arrived. We decided to go up one at a time – so someone would look after our belongings.

When you enter the restaurant the bar/counter is situated to your right with staff helping you weigh your food and creating a drink of your choice. On the left the food bar is in the center of the room with main selections, sauces and dips on one side and dessert options on the other side. You can help yourself to bread – they had 3 types of bread rolls when I was there last week – seeded roll, white roll and wholemeal roll – this isn’t counted when you weigh your food at the end.

From the food bar I choose to carb up a bit as I wanted something more substantial. So I chose their spring roll, a slice of pizza, herbed potatoes and a pasta salad and plain white roll to go with. I accompanied this meal with a passion fruit moijto, which had a generous amount of liquor as that, along with the flavor packed a punch! {this got me tipsy quickly}. This came to £18 which I thought was good value for a healthy dinner with a not so healthy drink.

Claire chose the healthier options with greens, falafels, vege spring roll, pasta salad and a big glass of red wine. We both chattered away enjoying the atmosphere of the outdoor courtyard. The staff were really friendly and kept the place tidy and clean, taking away empty plates and glasses.

We had to sit a while before going up for dessert there was a small variety but an enticing selection – raspberry cheesecake, mango mousse {creamy and instantly melted in my mouth}, vegan panna cotta – Claire absolutely loved it, she’s not a fan of sweets but she loved how similar and tasty this one was, there was sticky toffee pudding too.

You can help yourself to tap water, there was an endless supply of glasses. Throughout the evening we were refilling our water to keep ourselves hydrated in the sun. 

This is an amazing restaurant suitable for all. It is help yourself style but there staff are always available with a friendly smile if you need assistance. I highly recommend this place – holiday vibes, friendly atmosphere, healthy food, suitable for all dietary requirements. I think this restaurant is a great place to take friends and family that are not usually into the whole ‘healthy eating’ scene. Everything is yummy and fresh, but it doesn’t feel inaccessible or too out there.

London Hedden Street opening hours are Monday to Wednesday 9am to 10.30pm, Thursday and Friday

9am to Midnight, Saturday 11.30am to Midnight, Sunday & Bank Holidays 11.30am – 10.30pm.

Southwalk Street opening hours are Monday to Wednesday 7.30am to 10pm, Thursday and Friday 7.30am to 11pm, Saturday, 11.30am to11pm, Sunday & Bank Holidays 11.30am to 10pm.

Food served until 30 min before closing.

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