Bao Soho

Lunch at Bao Soho

Bao is inspired by Taiwanese dishes. They make their buns each morning, using an Asian technique called tangzhou with milk. Each Bao restaurant serves unique dishes in relation to their location.

Bao Soho is one of 3 restaurants. The other 2 are in Fitzrovia and Netail Market. Bao Soho is only a few minutes walking distance from Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus tube station.

Bao Soho

I have been temping around Soho for the past month and every lunch break I always find myself peering through the window of Bao.  The ratings are high on TripAdvisor and on other food blogs. I wanted to try out their food for myself.  I can tell you now I was not disappointed!

It was chucking it down with rain when I visited Bao, luckily it was a couple of minutes’ walk away from where I was working. The restaurant was small and bright, with a busy atmosphere. The staff were friendly and welcoming; the bar dominated the restaurant which had seating wrapped around it. I was led to wooded panel seating that was against the left side of the restaurant towards the open kitchen window, and the larger tables were on the right side of the restaurant.

I was given the menus – a set menu £15, and another menu that had more of a variety; where you can request for more than one quantity.

Their drinks menu was a strong selection of enticing cocktails, wine, sake and beer as well as the soft drinks and teas, they also had a selection of ‘dream drinks’ which drew me in!

Salted Oreo milk Tea was the one that caught my eye – made with salted oreo crumbs, black cold brew & milk foam.

About the food, although having looked at the menu online and on the day I was still indecisive about my choice. so I just went with the set menu as I would only need to choose a Bao Taiwanese Deep Fried chicken or Eryngii Mushroom and a rice dish.

Once I gave my order to the waitress, they instantly gave me a glass of tap water along side a cute sachet wet wipe {a lined drawn arm raising a bao} and my checked menu. It wasn’t long after when my drink came to the table – the salted foam started to enticed my taste buds with the crunchy oreo crumbs that blended well with the black tea flavour, which I found very enjoyable.

Soon after my chosen {classic} boa arrived – the braised pork married well with the fermented greens, powdered peanut and coriander – the pork was so tender and juicy, it was difficult to eat sophisticated – hence why they automatically give you a wet wipe!

My Taiwanese deep fried chicken was drizzled with spicy sauce. Personally, the chilli sauce was too much for my taste buds but aside from the spice I thoroughly enjoyed the texture of the chicken – a golden outer layer of breaded crispiness with a succulent middle.

The final stage of the set menu was their rice dish; which I opted for their Guinea Fowl Chi Shiang Rice – served in a petite bowl, once I had finished the boa and a couple of deep fried chicken pieces I was almost stuffed! I was told to mix the raw egg in well before consuming the dish – when I took my first bite, I was surprised by how phenomenal the dish was – it created a mouthwatering combination of flavours that tantalised my taste buds; tenderised guinea fowl slices, crispy onions, pickles on a bed of sticky rice cooked to perfection, and a creamy raw egg that gave a silky finish to every bite. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days! I would highly recommend their Guinea Fowl Chi Shiang Rice!

After finishing my rice dish I asked to take away my Taiwanese deep fried chicken to go and they happily obliged, wrapping my chicken pieces in foil.

My Bao experience was exhilarating, I was very happy with the customer service – I felt I was well looked after and the service was impeccable, as they do not waste time bringing the dishes out.

As a first timer, I felt the set menu worked for me, it was like a taster into their food variety as I was spoilt for choice! Next time I will be going back for more of the Guinea Fowl Chi Shiang Rice – so far my favourite dish!

I highly recommend popping in for lunch or dinner at one of the Bao branches!

Bao Soho {no reservation policy} opening times are Monday to Thursday lunch hours 12pm to 3pm, evening hours 5.30pm to 10pm. Friday and Saturday 12pm to 10.30pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm.

Bao Fitzrovia {an option to reserve a table} opening times are Monday to Thursday lunch hours 12pm to 3pm, evening hours 5.30pm to 10pm. Friday 12pm to 10.30pm, Saturday 12pm to 10pm and Sunday they are closed.

Bao Netail Market only opens Saturday 12pm to 3pm.

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