Milk Train Cafe

Dessert at Milk Train Cafe

As most of you know I’m a dessert person. If there’s a 2 course menu I always opt for a main and a dessert without fail! I always manage to find room for dessert.

Having done research on some creative dessert eateries, I found Milk Train Cafe {an ice cream shop}  which is owned by a couple, Mike and Kylie. This idea was originated in Taiwan where it is hugely successful! The Cafe is located in Covent Garden, on Bedford Street, a 5 minutes walk from Charing Cross, Covent Garden and Leicester Square Tube Stations.

Milk Train Cafe

When I went with my best friend/housemate we had to wonder round Covent Garden for a bit to find it, its not somewhere you would notice easily unless you were close by.

Milk Train Cafe was intimate and bright, and had summer feel. The interior was clean and precise but I felt it had a lot going on. One side was simple and effective but the ice cream counter felt out of place and didn’t really match up with the rest of the cafe. However the staff behind it were friendly and helped me with my decision in choosing which ice cream to have.

Like any other ice cream shop you have a choice of cone or cup £3.95; the next step was to choose the flavor of ice cream. The only options that were given when I went were vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. There are optional toppings {from 50p}, and you could also add a cotton candy cloud for £1. Another option was their specials which I opted for and I was informed that it was the most popular; Milk Train specials – V1) Popcorn & Caramel – sweet and salted popcorn, salted caramel chips, wafer stick & caramel sauce. V2) Cookies & Cream – Oreo cookie crumbs, chocolate sprinkles, wafer stick & chocolate sauce. 3) The Unicone – rainbow drops, rainbow sprinkles, wafer stick, bubblegum crunch & bubblegum sauce. I decided to order the Popcorn & Caramel ice cream on a cone for £4.95 and for an extra £1 a cotton candy cloud.

For me it was a sugar overload – the soft ice cream was tasty, with sweet and salted popcorn on top – a great combination but the cotton candy wrapped around the cone was a little too much for me, nearing the end of the dessert my cotton candy cloud had hardened from the sticky sauce and was hard to enjoy.

Although I agree that Milk Train is Insta worthy, unfortunately it just didn’t impress me greatly. The cone was nice and crispy with a sweet flavour, but the concept of the cafe was more enjoyable than the food itself. That being said, I had a lot of fun here, so its worth a visit.

Milk Train Cafe’s opening times are Tuesday to Thursday 1pm to 9pm, Friday & Saturday 1pm to 10pm and Sunday 1pm to 8pm.

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