Bibambap Soho

Dinner at Bibimbap Soho

Bibimbap is located in Soho. It is right next to Greek Street which is only a 6 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road station.

Bibimbap is one of the most modern Korean restaurants in London. They market their food as tasty, healthy and affordable and I totally agree with these descriptions.

They have a very extensive menu catering for all dietary requirements, and this is displayed on a fun and creative menu.

Bibimbap Soho

My best friend/housemate had been recommending this place for a while so we both found the time to pop down there for dinner last week. When we arrived (fairly early for dinner), there was already a queue emerging from the doorway. Unfortunately the restaurant has a no reservation policy, but from my experience they don’t need one as the queue was continuous when we were eating there, even to the point that people were waiting outside! However the queue moved really quickly.

Once a table for two was available they sat us by the large window that has a street view. The interior was bright and colourful and the walls are plastered with posters and photos of K-Pop stars. They also have more seating downstairs, which was more roomy than the first floor.

Once we were comfortably sat and settled a waiter approached us with a big smile and explained their extensive menu – with choices for vegetarians and vegans and meat options we were spoilt for choice. Their most popular dish is the bibimbap but they also serve healthy salads with rice and noodle dishes if you fancy something a little lighter.

We both ordered their Korean beer {Cass Fresh} a lager with a light and refreshing taste, which complimented our chosen dishes perfectly.

My best friend chose the Tofu Bibimbap this consisted of soya tofu with mixed vegetables. We shared a starter, the Spicy Rice Cake with a rich spicy chilli sauce and stir-fried long rice cakes and vegetables. My choice for my main was a recommendation from our waiter, their Spicy pork – pork strips marinated with spices & soy served with the same vegetables as the Dol sot’s, I added an optional fried egg to mine, but there was also had an option to have a raw egg on top.

They bought out the rice cake dish first and soon after both of our main dishes arrived it was served traditionally, in a pipping hot stone bowl, with a sizzling sound.

The spicy rice cake tasted delicious with a smooth and silky yet a chewy texture, paired with a rich spicy chilli sauce which made my mouth water when I took a bite and tasted amazing when hot! My best friends tofu dish was incredible too, she thought it was healthy and authentic but thought there was an element of dryness in her dish and it needed a bit of sauce. The bibimbap’s were accompanied with sauces – a miso sauce is similar to soya sauce, a gluten free substitute and a normal chilli sauce for extra spice. For my dish I thought the flavours were spot on. The dishes were packed with flavour and they had a sense of nostalgia – coming from a chinese background, the food tasted like home cooked dishes I ate during my childhood and that gave me a sense of comfort. I can see why customers flock here.

My overall experience was great. The staff were friendly and helpful, especially when we asked more about the menu and recommendations, and whether some parts of the menu were vegan friendly. The service was quick and the restaurant has a very lively and fun atmosphere.

Their opening times are Monday to Friday 12-3pm for lunch and then reopens at 6-11pm for dinner. Saturday and Sunday they are open from 12pm straight through to 11pm at night.

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