Cafe Van Gogh

Lunch at Cafe Van Gogh, Brixton London

Cafe Van Gogh, a coffee shop in South West London. It is situated on the A23 Brixton Rd, and walking distance from Oval Tube Station, approximately 8 minutes. 

A vegan inspired cuisine, I came here with my friend last month as I heard great things about this place, I was not disappointed! Very easy to find, we took the bus which dropped us a few minutes down the road from Cafe Van Gogh, it is next to a Church.

Lunch at Cafe Van Gogh

When we stepped in we were greeted by the chattering of customers, paintings along the walls, and fairy lights leading up the spiralled staircase. A black board hung with their menu clearly written on it, and the lady at the counter was very friendly and welcoming. She explained how it worked, as we had never visited before. The downstairs seating area was full, so my friend and I ventured up the stairs to find a table. Once settled we took turns to go down and order; as there was a variety of food options. I asked the lady what she would recommend. She asked how hungry I was and I replied very! She laughed and suggested the large plates – burger of the day with home fries and salad. Which sounded delicious and to drink I ordered their hot chocolate with soy milk. My friend choose the same dish as she couldn’t resist the sound of a burger of the day as well.

We both waited patiently for our food. When the plates came it was filled with colourful greenery; chickpeas, carrots, tomatoes, salad with homefries the burger of the day – mushroom Sriracha, crispy on the outside and moorish in the inside. I would highly recommend this dish, when you are next in Brixton and fancy a burger! Having enjoyed my main, I washed the food down with my hot chocolate – dark cocoa with intense flavour and a milky soy finish.

For pudding we shared a sticky toffee pudding which came with a pot of custard. The sponge was airy and smothered with syrup. Personally I felt the pudding was a bit too sweet but I would recommend it to people who enjoy rich sweet flavours! 

This quirky cafe really opened my eyes to vegan food, affordable healthy food, packed with loads of flavour and the staff were exceptionally friendly! A must visit if you fancy a catch up with friends, family gatherings, and parties. For groups larger than 4, it is recommended to book, as it can get very busy! Their opening hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 9pm and Sunday’s 12pm to 5pm. They have just posted their spring menu, if curious please visit Cafe Van Gogh Instagram. 


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