Entrance of Café YOLK

Breakfast at Café YOLK, Reading Berkshire

Café YOLK, a friendly neighbourhood coffee shop in Reading, run by husband and wife Sunny and Alex. It is hidden amongst the residential houses, facing Erleigh road and to its left Hatherley road.

Breakfast at Café YOLK

I have always found YOLK lively – full of hungry guests happily indulging their food. We got there just a little after 10 o’clock, and there were already 3 groups of people patiently waiting for a table.

Welcomed by friendly faces, Alex and her team greeted everyone with a warm smile. We were told that the waiting time would be 20 to 30minutes, which didn’t phase anyone. We were just excited to eat at YOLK, and be in the warmth from the biting cold. Before we sat down, one of the staff asked us what we would like to order; as there were too many options to choose from I had to let my friend and partner order first – Vegetarian breakfast and a Canadian breakfast with hot chocolate with almond milk. By the time she came back to me, I knew I wanted pancakes but couldn’t decide on which flavour. She suggested the mixed berries & vanilla custard, personally that was a little too adventurous for me on a Sunday morning, so she recommended the warm caramelised apple & cinnamon flavour, which sounded amazing and with that I ordered a regular hot chocolate to drink.

When the food was bought to our table, we all were in awe by the portion size, and the aromas coming from the dishes. My pancakes were generously stacked with caramelised apples smothered on top. The pancakes were fluffy and light, which melted in my mouth. My friend’s Canadian breakfast portion was fit for a queen – 2 Eggs, Sausages & Bacon, Mushroom, Tomato, Beans, Potatoes, 2 Pancakes and Maple Syrup. It was so big that she needed a helpful friend, to finish the remaining sausage and potatoes off. My partner had the vegetarian breakfast – 2 Veggie Sausages, Free Range Egg, Grilled Tomato, Flat Mushroom, Baked Beans, Herby Potatoes and Toast, also scrumptious which I hardly see his plate clean! 

Breakfast at Café YOLK

Once we finished, the queue had extended to the outside. YOLK is a petite Café but they are currently requesting extension to their premises. It was a lovely breakfast experience, family friendly, vegetarian and vegan friendly. There is an outdoor seating area with heating, but Sunday’s wintery weather did not seem inviting. Best left for the summer! The YOLK team were amazing, they really go above and beyond for all their customers. It was very busy but the staff and food, was worth waiting for! I highly recommend Café YOLK, the next time you are in Reading. They open from Monday to Saturday 8am – 4pm and Sunday’s 9am – 4pm.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Reading!


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