The Allegory

Lunch at The Allegory, Shoreditch London

The Allegory, one of many Drake & Morgan’s bar & restaurants, is situated in the heart of Shoreditch. Walking distance from Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street stations.

Contemporary British cuisine, just opened in October last year. I came here during the Easter weekend to catch up with my friend (A July Dreamer). My partner and myself were the first ones to get to the restaurant; we were greeted by a warm smile who led us through their open kitchen into their main dining area close to the bar. The decor was bright, colourful, and spacious which felt like a great place to enjoy one another’s company.

Lunch at The Allegory

Our waitress with the warm smile, Kris was very attentive especially when I was keen to try their cocktails but didn’t know what to choose from. After a long back and forth decision, Kris came to me and suggested their Brio cocktail – Gin Mare, grapefruit juice, wildflower honey syrup & grapefruit & rosemary tonic. I didn’t know what to expect but when I took my first sip my tastebuds were dancing around my mouth, enjoying the taste of the flavour combination. My partner had their pilsner which was on tap, he was also loving life. By the time we got comfortable, my friend walked through the doors and she was also greeted by Kris’ smile. She even commented on the interior and how lively the ambience felt. I offered a sip of my Brio for her to try, and she was surprised by the flavour and had to order her own.

Once settled Kris came back and asked us what we would like to order, I had already one dish in mind from the posts on their Instagram page; the D&M Burger, I was too intrigued by their pink bun which I had to try and ordered a side their Louisiana fries (cajun spice). My partner ordered their Beer-battered haddock & chips and my friend ordered their Roast lamb rump. When the plates arrived, the presentation was neat and thought out. I ordered another cocktail the Rumba – Pampero Blanco, coconut liqueur, passion fruit purée, lime & vanilla syrup. When we tucked into our mains we were not disappointed, my friend loved her lamb dish she cut a small portion for me to try. The flavours from the roast lamb was cooked to perfection. My partner also enjoyed his dish, he had devoured it all. However he did mention it was a little bit on the oily side but loved every bite of it, a classic dish. My D&M Burger was very tasty but I personally felt the beetroot brioche bun was a bit dry, everything else; 7oz British beef, smoked bacon & Applewood cheese was delicious!

For dessert we chose the Salted caramel plum sundae and Chocolate brownie Vanilla ice cream. When the dessert arrived the sundae came in a tall glass and decorated with a small biscuit, my friend loved every bit of it and finished it all. I chose the brownie, always the best choice in my eyes. The chocolate was moist, melted in my mouth and the vanilla ice cream paired well.

When my Rumba cocktail came it was beautifully presented with edible flowers, which created a tropical aroma. It was very tasty, although I felt the Brio was my favourite drink between them both. The Brio also a fruity drink had the right elements and went down smoothly. The Rumba was a lot sweeter, and tasted more toffee like rather than fruity.

My overall experience of the Allegory was enjoyable and I would recommend this to anyone who fancies having some British favourites. They have an extensive menu from a selection of breakfast, brunch, an all day and set menu. They are vegetarian friendly and family friendly, the staff were wonderful and attentive. We all enjoyed ourselves and will be back for more cocktails.

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