A Pan-Asian Restaurant

Dinner at Pot & Rice, Elephant & Castle London

Pot & Rice is our local Pan-Asian restaurant, it is located on Sayers Lane in Elephant & Castle. They specialise in a range of claypot rice and Cheung fun dishes, as well as side dishes from around East Asia. 

Claypot rice is one of the most loved street food dishes in the southern region of China and many nearby countries. For hundreds of years, claypot rice have been cooked and served in the same pot, this way the rice comes out soft in the middle, crispy on the bottom and around the pot.

Pot & Rice

Last Friday, Natalie and I met at Pot & Rice for dinner. The staff were very welcoming and friendly, they led us to our table for the evening. The restaurant is bright with minimal colours and high exposed ceilings. Once we settled our waiter explained the process of ordering their food, each dish has a box right next to it so we had to mark the quantity you’d like to order.

We ordered –

Aromatic duck salad – Shredded aromatic duck with tangy mango sauce and crispy spring onion salad – duck was very tender and moorish I would have liked more of it rather than the green salad personally.

Minced pork and spring onion Cheung fun – Diced Spring Onion, Mince Pork and sweet soy – I had a nibble as I’m not the biggest fan of Cheung fun but I can see why Natalie and others would enjoy it!

Chicken & Shiitake Mushroom pot & rice – Ginger soy marinated chicken thigh with dried and fresh shitake mushroom – Natalie thoroughly enjoyed hers, so much so that she was scrapping all the rice out of her bowl, I did manage to try some – the chicken had a lot of flavour and super tender, the shiitake mushrooms gave it an extra oomf to the dish which rounded it as a whole.

Iberico Pork Neck & Plum pot & rice – Iberico pork neck and mountain yam marinated with tangy plum sauce – really tasty, a fatty pork dish which bought me back to my childhood where my mum would make a similar dish! 

For my cocktail option I tried their Lychee Bellini – Lychee puree, Prosecco absolutely delicious! Such a refreshingly sweet drink, I will definitely be making these at home! 

I like the fact there is a tasty pan-Asian restaurant nearby and I could easily come here for lunch when I work from home. The staff were lovely and very attentive. Highly recommend visiting if you’re in E&C.

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