RedFarm's Interior

Birthday Dinner at RedFarm, Covent Garden London

Last week I took my sister to RedFarm London, they’re known for their fun twist on Cantonese style food so I thought it’d make a nice birthday treat. The owners behind the inventive style are Dim Sum master Chef Joe Ng and Chinese food expert Ed Schoenfeld. Their first successful restaurants opened in New York, and they wanted to bring a similar creative indulgence to London – a mix of traditional Chinese dishes with an element of surprise!

RedFarm is located on Russell Street in Covent Garden, a short walk from the tube station. The restaurant is not big but it is cosy with white painted walls and booths with red patched cushions and hanging plants. The atmosphere was buzzing with hungry customers chattering away.

RedFarm London

I got there later than my sister but she told me that they were exceptionally friendly and charming and it didn’t feel like she was waiting long. The food looked delicious, we kept eyeing every dish that came into our view.


For drinks we ordered a few cocktails – YO MATCHA and TROPICAL STORM.

The drinks arrived first my sister ordered the YO MATCHA (Panerea Island Gin, Matcha Tea Cordial, Peach Liqueur, Lemon Juice) and I had ordered the Tropical Storm (Rum Java, Coconut Puree, Lychee Juice, Passiontfruit Juice), we tried each others and thought we ordered the perfect drinks for our tastebuds – YO MATCHA was crisp and refreshing whereas the TROPICAL STORM was sweeter and I could have easily drank more but I had to restrain myself.

The PAC MAN SHRIMP DUMPLINGS were cute and instagrammable, however we thought the taste was unique with hints of curry powder seeping through, but we liked how fresh the ingredients tasted.

The LONG LIFE NOODLES WITH 3 TYPES OF MUSHROOMS & SNOW PEAS was a fairly sizeable dish and we were surprised how much the bowl had in it. We loved the thickness of the noodles however we weren’t fond of the flavour as it had a distinctive taste that we weren’t use to, but we were glad that we tried it. 

The CHEESEBURGER SPRING ROLLS we were intrigued by the concert, the texture and taste were similar to a real cheeseburger apart from the crispy outer layer. The spring roll was packed full of flavour and really tasty!

Last but not least the SOUP DUMPLING, we loved how it came with a paper straw as the dumpling was rather large. We were impressed by the taste and we had a lot of fun eating it.

Once everything was cleared they bought out our desserts that I previously arranged for a candle to be placed into one, the staff started singing ‘happy birthday’ and my sister was touched by it all. Their custard bao, wow! It was incredible it was a crunchy crumbly crackled bun with a fluffy and runny custard middle – the perfect balance of sweetness, heaven! Reminded us of a pineapple bun (菠蘿包) we both loved every bite.

Overall we thought the service was excellent at RedFarm, the staff went above and beyond to ensure we had a comfortable and enjoyable evening. It’s a good place to experience a fun twist on Chinese food, and a great place to be with friends and family. If you were to go we’d recommend the CHEESEBURGER SPRING ROLLS, SOUP DUMPLING and CUSTARD BAO.

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