Special Summer Social with Work Me Shape Me

Work Me Shape Me is an amazing social event that incorporates fitness and food. The face behind the brand is Vanessa Hoh. She invited us along to join in their Special Summer Social: Boxing at 12×3 Gym and a Night social on the rooftop of Pergola Paddington a couple of weekends ago.

Vanessa started her fitness journey a few years ago, with the help of class pass and enjoyed trying out new studios each week, but found it was hard to make friends. This inspired her to create her own social events and in the process she has created a community that encourages people to try new fitness experiences, to get fit and to also make new friends.

It was Work Me Shape Me’s 6th social event on Saturday 17th August, they have been running since March and have gained a lot of loyal followers.

Each event entitles you to try out trendy boutique studios across London, and different restaurants. It’s a great way to get back into exercise or to experience something out of your comfort zone.

We completed an intense boxing class with one of 12×3 personal trainers in Paddington, 20 people including me joined in! We definitely worked up a sweat – I didn’t realise I can sweat that much! All you need to bring is yourself and a change of clothes for the next social event, everything else is provided!

Work Me Shape Me had reserved a table at Pergola in Paddington where we had 2 long tables with several prosecco bottles on arrival. As it was a special event, more than 50 people showed up to enjoy one another’s company, to catch up and meet new people.

For this particular event you had the option to attend the fitness class or the social or both. At Work Me Shape Me’s other events the price of one ticket gets you both.

When you book with them you’ll receive an confirmation email with the itinerary, and options for food:

4 PM – Arrive

4:15 PM – Boxing Class Starts

[Shower / Refresh post class]

6 PM- Social – Pergola for Dinner & Drinks

OPTION 1: Chicken Katsu Japanese Ricebowls- Panko Crumbed and Twice Fried Chicken, with Japanese BBQ Sauce. Served with Cucumber Salad, a Fresh Asian Slaw and Pickles.

OPTION 2: Salmon Avocado Donburi Japanese Ricebowls- Loch Duart Salmon and Creamy Avocado on Sushi Rice with House Pickled Cucumbers. Served with Cucumber Salad, a Fresh Asian Slaw and Pickles.

OPTION 3: Vegetarian Katsu Japanese Ricebowls (V)- Aubergine and Sweet Potato with Japanese BBQ Sauce. Served with Cucumber Salad, a Fresh Asian Slaw and Pickles.

OPTION 4: PATTY & BUN Entry- Smashed Patty (Freshly ground dry aged dexter beef burgers), Smash Mayo, Potato Bun.

OPTION 5: PATTY & BUN Cheese- Smashed Patty (Freshly ground dry aged dexter beef burgers), Smash Mayo, Double Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Potato Bun.

OPTION 6: PATTY & BUN Mac Daddy (V)- Braised Mushroom Cheese Fritter, Smash Mayo, Lettuce, Slaw, Potato Bun.

OPTION 7: PATTY & BUN No.3- Fried Chicken Thigh, Lemon and Herb Aioli, Hot Sauce, Lettuce, Potato Bu

The food options sounded mouthwatering good but option 2 was the winner for me! I couldn’t pass up the Salmon Avocado Donburi Japanese Ricebowl, I was so pleased I chose the dish as it was so tasty! The avocado was creamy and complimented the salmon well. The portion size was generous at Temaki, the rice was delicious it’s making me salivate just thinking about it.

Claire was the videographer for the day and from the energy she had put in, Vanessa didn’t want her to waste away! She chose the Katsu Japanese Ricebowl (Vegan) the crispy aubergine was delicious and she thoroughly enjoyed her dish too!

Thank you Work Me Shape Me for the invite the Summer Special was a great success. We met some lovely people and it was a great Saturday evening sweating out a week’s worth of snacks! Vanessa was a great host, and welcomed everyone along. We strongly recommend giving her events a go. Book now as the tickets go quickly! Bring your friends or come as an individual – everyone is welcome!

The standard price is £30 however it varies from venue to venue, so prices may rise.

Keep up to date with Work Me Shape Me’s calendar, events are every 2 to 3 weeks!

*Disclosure: This was an invite to Work Me Shape Me‘s Special Summer Social. 

16 thoughts on “Special Summer Social with Work Me Shape Me

  1. Sounds like a great idea to me. Love the combo of food and exercise. The food options sound really good!!! Salmon Avocado Donburi Japanese Rice bowls – YUM!!!!!

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