9 Vegan cheeses laid on a board with fruit and crackers surrounding them

Ten Cable Street’s Vegan Cheese and Wine Party

10 Cable Street is a space which holds multifunctional events, such as Vegan Cheese & Wine Parties, Super Clubs, Cheese making workshops and many more! The founder of 10 Cable Street is Moko, also the creator of f_ish_notfish; an alternative to salmon which is  made from carrots! This space has been created to provide a series of events which promote both a healthy and an environmentally sustainable lifestyle – and most importantly to have fun!

We first heard about the event through social media, we were ecstatic and had to book an evening to try these tasty looking cheeses! I would highly recommend booking in advance, we booked it on the day it came out as the events get full quickly!

10 Cable Street is located in Whitechapel, it is between Tower Hill and Shadwell Station – a 10 minute walk from both directions.

Tom Ottey was our host at the Vegan Cheese & Wine Party, a glass of Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Brut was handed to us when we sat down in our allocated seats. A board of fruit, veg and crackers was laid out in front of us and amongst the veg, the ‘salmon’ from f_fish_notfish. Having been following f_ish_notfish on Instagram I was very excited to try this product! We had the lemon & Dill flavour. The texture and flavour were similar, Claire wasn’t a fan as she thought it tasted just like fish!

Once all the cheeses were laid out Tom Ottey introduced us to the team and explained how he began his journey into vegan winery. He was very informative about how much goes into regular wine to extract the nasties that sit within the wine itself. There are so many methods that he mentioned that wine makers use that aren’t vegan friendly such as egg whites, milk protein, animal protein and the well known fish bladder as a fining agent to siff the dirt out.

However with vegan wine they use a form of clay, charcoal which effectively removes the odors, peas and potatoes. We were informed as most wine companies were traditionally made they aren’t easy to convince to change their methods in filtering their products in a more natural way.

We started the evening off with the Camembert from honestly tasty – moussey truffle flavour that melted in our mouths, it tasted delicious with bread, grapes and oatcakes or on its own! Whilst we were enjoying the individual cheeses we were also being taking through the wines that were selected that evening:

– Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Brut, France – sparkling wine, made in the exact same way as Champagne, but using Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc – flavours of green apple skin, herbs and grass.

– Dr Deinhard Grauer Burgunder, Germany – Grauer Burgunder is the German name for Pinot Gris, which is the same grape variety as Pinot Grigio, just harvest later so it has a richer, with fuller flavour.

– Regegade London Wine Pinot Noir, England/Italy – Naturally fermented, hazy and a bit funky – darker colour

– Tenuta Santodeno Sangiovese Appassimento, Italy – lighter colour, personally the flavour wasn’t to my taste

– Gekkeikan Kanjuku Umesha Genshu, Japan – My favourite, sweet flavour and if I had a few more I’d be on the floor, it is called a plum wine but its actually a spirit.

The second cheese we decided to try was Black Pepper Chèvre from Silver Moon – a generous coating of black pepper with a delicious creamy centre – I enjoyed it but the pepper did catch my throat so be careful.

The third cheese was Kind co’s Mature Farmhouse, a smokey flavour with a smooth and creamy texture.

Up next the Blue by Honestly Tasty – creamy subtle blue cheese flavour, superb with oatcakes, bread and grapes.

Next the Baked Camambert from Honestly Tasty – it was warm and creamy with an oily truffle flavour, delicious. The skin remind me of a mushroom.

Garlic + Chive Chèvre from theartyvegan made from tofu, it reminded me of Bourin garlic & herbs with a hint of rock salt, this was superb with grapes and bread.

Next up the Veganzola made by Mouse’s Favourite – similar to real cheese with a musky layer, creamy in the middle, a subtle hint of mustard.

Foiegeddaboutit made by I am Nut ok – soft with hints of truffle a pasty texture like Pâté.

Last but not least another Camembert by Mouse’s Favourites – subtle cheese flavour, great with grapes and apples.

The Vegan Cheese & Wine Party was insightful, Tom Ottey and the team went above and beyond for our needs and we all learnt a lot and came home packed full with knowledge! I highly recommend 10 Cable Street’s Vegan Cheese & Wine Parties, if you are curious about vegan cheeses or just love to learn this is definitely a great event to try! We are now waiting for the next event to appear on their calendar – Super Club!

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