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Award Winning Herbs and Spices by Spice Way UK

Spice Way UK is an award-winning herb & spice company owned by Louise Caplin. Louise and her best friend Karen were on holiday in Israel when they came across Spicy Way, a brand that sold herbs and spices in so many different flavours. They thought it would be a great way to introduce these flavours back home by creating their own branch, so we all could enjoy the flavours they tasted and loved!

Spicy Way have been growing spices for more than 50 years, Avi Zithershpieler and his family owns 70 acres of farm land and grow over 700 herbs & spices, in Northern Israel. Avi’s father taught him from a young age and since then they have been growing the company, spreading the word and creating herbs & spices beneficial to people’s health and enjoyment.

Spice Way UK kindly sent us 3 different herbs to try, and I cannot wait to share the dishes I made with them! I personally thought they elevated my recipes to the T! I definitely had some mmms’ from my partner and housemate! Spice Way UK have already won 9 Great Taste Awards, and in 2013 they were awarded the highest rating at 3* for their Opulent Orange Chilli from the Fr’cinni Fruit Infusion section.

Their dream is to influence simple healthy cooking throughout the country, and for Spice Way UK to become a household name, which I feel will succeed as we’ve already taken a liking to the spices in our home.

I love the fact the herbs aren’t just great for taste but also great for your health. They assist various systems in the body such as the respiratory, nervous, and the circulatory system, heals inflammation and infections, help the release of toxins from the body, and so much more.

The 3 different herbs we received were Ravishing Rosemary from the cook clever range, Heavenly Herbs from the Spice Blends range and Magic Majadra from the fast gourmet range. We’ve been constantly using the herbs since we received them, we’re almost out of Ravishing Rosemary as its going down a treat! 

On the week days I tend to find ways of making quick and healthy meals for one, especially after a busy day at work and all I think of is eating a delicious meal and relaxing.

Here are 3 simple dishes I made using Spice Way UK herbs & spices:

Blue Cheese Salad with Rosemary Wedges


Blue Cheese
Plum Tomatoes
Green Seedless Grapes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

Wedges : 

2 Potatoes
Salt & Pepper (seasoning)
Ravishing Rosemary

1. Set your oven at 200 degrees fan, peel the potatoes and chop them up. Dribble Olive Oil into your oven tray and place the wedges in.

2. Add the seasoning onto your chopped potatoes ravishing rosemary. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and rub the seasoning in. 

3. Pop it in the oven for 45 minutes, take a look half way and turn the potato wedges over to get the best consistency. 

4. Before your wedges are almost cooked prepare your salad, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar to the mix. 

5. Ready to eat once everything is done and you’re happy with the colour of your wedges.

The Ravishing Rosemary gave off a delicious smell and made our home feel very nostalgic; childhood memories with lunches at my Aunt’s – brilliant cook may I add! The herbs really hit the spot and elevated the wedges to the next level! This went well with my creamy salad, giving a healthy balance to my evening. 

Baked Salmon with Spinach & Potatoes


Half a Lemon
Salt & Pepper
Heavenly Herbs


1. Set your oven at 200 degrees fan, in a separate pan boil water for the potatoes adding salt 

2. Season your salmon with salt & pepper and the heavenly herbs, massage the flavours in and squeeze the half lemon on top of the fish, wrap the salmon tightly with foil.

3. Pop the salmon into the oven for 20 minutes.

4. Before the salmon is done, in a separate pan boil the spinach adding seasoning to it.

The Heavenly herbs made my salmon taste delicious, and it smelt divine! It also works well with meat, poultry and of course fish dishes.

My final dish is my own take on Zambian Chicken with rice.


Salt & Pepper (seasoning)


Chicken Stock cube
Canned Tomatoes
Plum Tomatoes
Tsp Cornstarch

Olive Oil
Magic Majadra

1. Boil water and pop the chicken, turmeric, paprika and seasoning in for 20 minutes, in a separate pan boil the rice adding olive oil and the Magic Majadra herb, then turn the heat down and let it simmer and cover for 20 minutes.

2. Sweat the onions in another pan add the plum tomatoes, add chicken stock, salt & pepper, then add a can of tomatoes to stir in.

3. Once the chicken is done set it aside and use the chicken water for your stock, pour the sweated onions and tomatoes in and simmer for an extra 10 minutes adding cornstarch to make the sauce thicker. 

4. Put the chicken back into the stock and simmer for another 10 minutes.

For me this dish is one of my favourites as its so comforting, full of flavour and the Magic Majadra really brought the smell and flavour to life in the rice. The spice is great with rice, pasta and potatoes! The smell reminds me of mango chutney a fruity sweet aroma – delicious!

Spice Way UK have a range of spice & herbs, you can find their products via their website, they have healthy recipes via their blog and if you know someone who loves cooking this would be a great gift for them! You can get 10% off using my discount code INF10 which is valid until 30/10/2019 (excludes non spiced blend tea products etc and not to be used in conjunction with other offers) Happy Cooking!

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by Spice Way UK on a complimentary basis.

8 thoughts on “Award Winning Herbs and Spices by Spice Way UK

  1. Love cooking with spices so will definitely look at getting some from Spice Way UK. Love that Spicy Way is a family run business and that the art of growing spices has been passed down through the generations.


  2. I have to admit this isn’t a brand I have heard of before but it sounds absolutely wonderful. I love that there are so many things you could do with all the spices.


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