March Mini 2019

March Mini 2019 | Pop Culture Snack Box Subscription | Japan Centre

My final 3 month’s subscription box arrived the first week of March, I swear the boxes have been getting better and better each month! Thank you to my sister for this brilliant Christmas gift. it’s a great present idea for any foodies in your life, as is also affordable at £44 for a 3 months mini Pop Culture snack boxes and £15 per box if you don’t fancy signing up for the subscription.

I’m kicking off with the Kamedaseika Thin Salad Rice Crackers – Salted rice crackers with a nice crunchy bite to them, the texture is light and tasty with green tea.

Sokan Karashi Mustard Lotus Root Crisps – if you love mustard this is the crisp for you, you are hit with an intense flavour of mustard which is followed by a salty after taste. Personally it wasn’t my cup of tea as I found the mustard flavour rather overpowering and quite spicy [I’m not great with spice].

The unknown product name – a sweet crispy outer layer with a peanut filling, delicious – very addictive its a shame there were only a few but the packaging is so cute, you get to see 3 different characters on each face of the triangular packet.

Yuraku Black Thunder Chocolate Cookie – a delicious crunchy chocolate biscuit that compliments a cup of tea as an afternoon snack, reminds me of a classic bourbon biscuit.

Lotte Fit’s Mixed Grape Chewing Gum – a strong artificial grape scent and taste, personally this isn’t the grape for me however I do like the sweet taste and was able to successfully blow bubbles. I can see the fun element of it but personally its not something I’d gravitate to however I am glad I tried it.

Kabaya Pureral Lemon Flavoured Gummy Candy – I love how its a resealable package, another artificial flavour and scent but I love how it is sweet and sour which left me wanting more.

Marusanal Uji Matcha Premium Soy Milk Drink – I love a straw that can extend and this one does just that, I wasn’t sure about the soy milk as its not my favourite milk however I was surprised at how creamy and rich the flavour was and how much it complimented the Matcha flavour. This is definitely a drink I’d look out for in the shops!

I hope you have enjoyed my honest opinion on my 3 months mini subscription from the Japan Centre. These mini boxes are great to find out what Japanese snacks are available on the market and just to try some unusual snacks! I think my favourite snack of March has to be the Matcha Soy drink – rich and creamy with a balanced Matcha flavour, but I guess I’m a bit biased as I love anything Matcha as more often than not I find myself choosing the Matcha flavoured foods. I highly recommend trying a pop culture snack box from the Japan Centre!

10 thoughts on “March Mini 2019 | Pop Culture Snack Box Subscription | Japan Centre

  1. I love trying snacks from different countries and Japan always seems to have some greta funky stuff.


  2. This subscription box sounds amazing! Japanese snacks are so famous and I love the idea of trying flavours which we are not really familiar with which still taste amazing! Very interesting.


  3. Oh I love these little subscription boxes and especially ones like this from other countries. I think it’s always exciting to try out snacks we wouldn’t necessarily have in our super markets!


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