Iberico Pork belly – spring onion – black pepper miso

Dinner at Bone Daddies, Soho London

Bone Daddies a chain restaurant that is dotted around London, each restaurant has a unique taste. Australian chef Ross Shonhan is the man behind the food. He wanted to change the UK’s perception of Japanese food – passionate about Japan he wanted to create his own twist on Japanese food with incredibly vast dishes. He wanted to make his Japanese food memorable and I think he did just that when my sister and I went for dinner!

We visited Shack-Fuyu, located on old crompton street. Soho was booming on a Thursday night and that impacted Bone Daddies too with a lively atmosphere. I’m so glad we booked earlier that day! We were running late, so we called the restaurant to let them know, they were very understanding but they needed the table back by 8pm. (Baring in mind that the time was already 6.45pm) we accepted as we knew we could down our food as that was our protocol when our parents owned a restaurant back in the day.

We had planned to share everything and we opted for the taster menu with sake £35pp, the non sake was £30pp this included:


Edamame – Sweet Chilli Soy
Seabass Ceviche – Pickled tomatoes

Korean Fried Chicken Wings – Spicy Sour Sauce – Sesame
Prawn Toast – Masquerading as Okanomiyala
Aubergine – 4 miso – bubu arare
Iberico Pork belly – spring onion – black pepper miso
Hot Stone Rice – sesame, chilli and beef

Kinako French Toast – with soft serve ice cream


The staff did not waste anytime – our starters arrived promptly. First up was the Seabass Ceviche with pickled tomatoes – it was fresh and had a hint of spice, but we thoroughly enjoyed the dish.

The edamame was up next but it was rather spicy my sister and I aren’t great with spice but we could see why others would like it.

Soon after more dishes arrived – the Korean fried chicken wings with sesame and spicy sour sauce. Delicious but the heat was full on meaning we couldn’t enjoy it as much as we wanted to, and we were really messy – one wet wipe wasn’t enough but the waiters were attentive and constantly refilled our water and supplied us with fresh tissues and plates.

Thankfully our mouths were saved by the arrival of the Iberico Pork Belly, this was like no other; the sauce was mouthwatering good that I couldn’t stop myself from licking the remains off my spoon! Our waiter informed us it was miso and seasoning however we did detect some essence of lime – I need to try and make a replica, it was so exquisitely pleasing I’m still salivating from it!

Prawn Toast Masquerading as Okanomiyala arrived – another savoury dish that we were pleased to hear as our mouths were still recovering from the chicken wings.

The hot stone was a slow burner however before the heat kicked in the flavours were tasty and packed full of flavours, even when the spice did kick in we were enjoying the creamy texture of the dish which made the spice less noticeable.

Lastly we had the aubergine – 4 miso bubu arare, a light crispy texture with a sweet plum sauce that balanced our tastebuds – incredible.

For dessert they bought out the Kinako French Toast – with soft serve matcha ice cream absolutely scrumptious – we love matcha flavoured desserts! It was cooling on our tongues and the flavour was just right! The french toast was fluffy and warming and we thoroughly enjoyed the service and food (minus the spice but there was a lot of flavour!) We would happily go back!

At the end they bought out 3 different sakes lightest to strongest – our waiter informed us that there was a strong one, a fruity one and a sweet one – personally they tasted quite similar – dry and very strong. We could taste the strengths but the flavour wasn’t so different from each other.


My sister however was able to drink all hers and she helped with mine! (brave..)

We ran over 8pm but the waiters weren’t pushing us out but we were weary and we didn’t want to over stay. We paid for our meal and left feeling full and happy.

Shack-Fuyu’s opening times are as follows:

Monday 12–3pm, 5:30 –10pm
Tuesday 12–3pm, 5:30 –10pm
Wednesday 12–3pm, 5:30 –11pm
Thursday 12–3pm, 5:30 –11pm
Friday 12–3pm, 5:30 –11pm
Saturday 12 –11pm
Sunday 12 –9pm

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