Loving Hut Archway

Dinner at Loving Hut, Archway London

Loving Hut in Archway is an authentic Chinese restaurant with a twist, it’s entirely vegan!

I met up with my girlfriends last week after work for a catch up, we all decided on Loving Hut as the majority of us hadn’t tried it before and we always like to make the most of the variety of restaurants in London. I was a little skeptical at first being a meat eater, but to my surprise the food tasted delicious!

Loving Hut

As an appetizer we selected veggie prawn crackers and they tasted just like the real thing (without so much oil) it wasn’t until our starters arrived that we knew we were in for a treat!

Placed in the middle of the table on a large sharing plate –

Veggie sesame prawn toast was actually sesame taro toast, I couldn’t get enough of this. Similar taste to the original but the middle is slightly different but unbelievably tasty and quite addictive.


Mushroom steamed dumpling, I was intrigued as to what this may taste like I personally thought the dough was a bit thick but the middle was delicious and juicy.

Crispy seaweed (soya free and gluten free) this was delicious, sweet and savory a great combination!

Salted and spicy with veggie prawns tasted crazily realistic!

We were all so satisfied with the portions and we were looking forward to our main dishes.

Rachel had ordered veggie lamb pancake, I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t meat it tasted so good; crispy and succulent! The combination of flavours were great, with the pancake, spring onion and cucumber.

Caddy ordered crispy veggie chilli beef – realistic in taste and appearance. I personally think the vegan chili beef is better than the real thing, and that’s saying a lot coming from a meat eater! I love a good crispy texture to my food. She also ordered veggie prawns and a special fried rice dish which were also tasty.

Claire ordered the sizzling veggie prawn in vegan butter sauce, they propped it on a platform as the plate was sizzling hot! This dish was unimaginably good, how did the ‘prawns’ look so real and taste so sensational. She also ordered the veggie king prawn fried rice for us to share.

I chose roast veggie duck on a bed of lettuce, the flavour was incredible and the presentation was also realistic. The main ingredient in this dish was flour!

For dessert we shared Banana fritters with golden syrup, this was delicious and perfect for a sweet treat and a mint tea to finish off a enjoyable evening.

We were impressed by how similar this was to a regular Chinese take away. The service was quick and most of the staff were friendly. We would happily come back in a heart beat! We got there early as we all came straight from work, the restaurant was full up when we left! I highly recommend trying out their food! Non vegans don’t be put off, give this place a try!

Loving Hut in Archway opening times are Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 3pm and reopens from 6pm to 11pm. Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 11pm and Monday they are closed.

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