Dinner at Byron Burger, Covent garden london

Byron Burger is well known for its American styled hamburgers, it was founded in 2007 by Tom Byng and Head Chef Fred Smith. They currently have 12 restaurants across the UK and widely available via Deliveroo. Outlets in London, Cambridge, Oxford, Ipswich, Liverpool, Norwich, Edinburgh and York.  

Last week we were invited to try Byron Burger’s relaunch of ‘The Big Smoke’, British beef 6oz patty, topped with slow-roasted beef, mature Cheddar cheese, smoked streaky bacon, crispy onions, smoky chilli BBQ Mayo, pickles and fresh lettuce.  

Byron Burger

Our reservation was booked for the Covent Garden branch. We were surprised by how busy the restaurant was when we got there and more people were queuing at the entrance. The restaurant is situated in a prime location, close to the main theatres and cool bars, so a great place to have a quick bite and head to a show nearby or out to town for some drinks with friends. The restaurant can seat up to 140 people with more tables downstairs.  

My friend, Miranda was running late from work so I decided to order their sparkling elderflower drink which I thought was refreshing. Once she arrived the staff promptly asked what she would like to drink which she replied a rosé spritz. However, they did not get the drink order right as they gave her a glass of rosé and a can of sprite. We knew how busy the restaurant was so we did not say anything.  

After, a few more minutes of deciding I got their Big Smoke which I accompanied with halloumi fries served with Byron sauce. (The sauce consists of Ketchup, mayo, mustard and pickles) and Miranda ordered their B-Rex – 6oz Byron beef patty, battered onion ring, American cheese, smoked streaky bacon, smoky BBQ sauce, mayo, jalapeños and pickles. She also ordered some sweet potato fries for her sides. 

The Big Smoke burger was juicy, very saucy, the crispy onions gave it another level of texture, hint of spice. Mouth filled with shredded roasted beef with every bite. Very messy and I got sauce everywhere! The staff were very attentive as they quickly gave me a bunch of tissues.  

The halloumi fries was my favourite of the evening crispy, salty and warm. One of the best halloumi fries I’ve had. A must try and dipped into their Byron sauce – so good! 

However, I did find the burger as a whole a bit salty, the combination of flavour wasn’t what I was expecting but I can appreciate the individual ingredients that went into it.

Miranda thought the B-Rex was ok, she didn’t enjoy the cheese and bbq sauce, however she thought the bun was tasty and the patty was cooked to perfection. She loved the sweet potato fries. Her overall thought was that it was ok but not the best burger she’s ever had.

In the coming months, Byron’s customers can expect the return of many much loved classics, including the Reuben, Run Rarebit Run, and Uncle Sam.  

The Verdict

Byron Burger is a great place for a quick bite, the portion sizes were generous and very filling, please book as the restaurant was very busy at 6pm as you don’t want to be disappointed. I cannot fault the service, as the staff went above and beyond to assure you had a good experience. The Big Smoke wasn’t my favourite burger but I appreciated the individual ingredients that stuck out for me – crispy onions, saucy and the patty was very tender, and of course the halloumi fries! 

*Disclosure: We were invited by Byron Burger to review their relaunch of The Big Smoke Burger. 

3 thoughts on “Dinner at Byron Burger, Covent garden london

  1. I’m a massive fan of Bryon Burger, and yours sounds really tasty. I’ve been to a few of the London locations, but I’m not sure I’ve been to this one x


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