Korean Barbeque

Korean Barbeque at Arang, Soho London

In September Miranda, Rita and myself met at Arang, for a long overdue catch-up. They both came back from South Korea not so long ago, and they were already craving Korean food. I had done some research and asked around for the best Korean barbeques in central London. My sister recommended us trying Arang, a cosy Korean restaurant located in the heart of Soho.  

Arang, was buzzling with customers when I arrived, and the girls had already tucked into some tteokbokki and had ordered a bottle of prosecco. The staff were friendly and welcoming and gave me a menu to have a look through. The menu was huge and had a lot of variety but as we were here for the main event – the barbeque section was where I headed to.   


Our waiter Rae was very informative and helped us with the menu – for the barbecue, there were 4 options to choose from and we can only order 1 set for a minimum of two people. As we originally wanted two different sets and agreed to go with set A – miso soup, kimchi, mu namul, chapche, kalbi, bulgogi, sangchoo, bap, fruit or coffee.  

We also added pork to the order which was a bad idea as there were already enough food coming to our table, but of course we never learn and always eat with our eyes and not with our stomachs, but it was ok as we took the remaining food home.  

We also ordered rice; Miranda chose plain rice and Rita ordered their fried rice, their fried rice had so much flavour it was so good! Highly recommend! 

We started off with the side dishes – kimchi, and miso soup, along with the other veges and the chapchee. My favourite was the chapchee the savoury and slightly sweet taste was divine and the stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables was absolutely delicious – yum, salivating just thinking about it now. 

After, eating as much as we can on the nibbles, we asked for the main event to arrive. Rae, heated the barbeque and once it was hot enough they bought out the meat; pork came out first and then the bulgogi. The bulgogi was marinated well and tasted exquisite – so tender and juicy! The flavours danced in our mouths. Rae, helped us cook most of it and Rita took over. (We left it to the expert 😝 

What we found that was different to our experience in Seoul was that they would usually have whole garlic cloves on the BBQ, and the proper Korean lettuce but they didn’t have that at Arang, however we weren’t fussed as we thoroughly enjoyed what was in front of us.

For refreshments, they bought out melons for us to share, deliciously sweet and juicy. Sadly, I couldn’t eat anymore and left it for the girls to devour. It was a tasty experience and we’d happily go back. The service was impeccable, the staff were so friendly and welcoming, and we thoroughly enjoyed the tantalising experience.

We did however pop into Golden Mart Supermarket next door to pick up some snacks and mixed up a soju cocktail which apparently is popular in South Korea. All you do is have a cup of ice, your choice of soju, we went with yoghurt flavour and add pear juice – simple but so yummy and very deadly as you can easily drink it like water, and soju has around 40% alcohol in it!

After, we decided to check out some desserts in Chinatown. It was heaving with people and there were queues everywhere you go. We decided to try Kova as the queue was shorter but we had to wait nevertheless. I had been eyeing up their Matcha Crêpe cakes for some time now, so I was ecstatic to try it! I also bought the chocolate flavoured one for Asiel, so I wouldn’t have to share when I got home. Rita and Miranda bought the strawberry-flavoured cream cakes to take home.  

Later that evening, I tried the Matcha Crêpe cake and I was not disappointed. It was pillowy, light and very fluffy surprisingly, as it was made up of thin layers of crepes. I loved the flavour, it was so creamy, I even tried a little bit of the chocolate one, just as good but matcha wins for me.  

We strongly recommend trying Arang & Kova! 

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