Three Uncles Menu

Three Uncles 三叔, Liverpool St London

A traditional Cantonese roast meats, lo mein and dim sum restaurant tucked away from the busy streets of Liverpool Street. My friend Natalie and I met up for a catch up, early last month when we were only allowed to eat outside. The weather was freezing cold but we heard so many good things about the place, we thought it would be worth eating outside!

The restaurant is 300 square foot, there was a blue canvas on the wall of the owners Cheong Yew, Put Sing Tsang, and Mo Kwok respectively known as uncles Lim, Sidney, and Mo. They grew up in the 70s in Hong Kong and often visited famous roast meat cafes near Wan Chai market watched skilled chefs chop delicious chunks of roast duck and char siu pork. They soon realised that there weren’t many cantonese roasts in London other than in Chintown and wanted to bring mouthwatering dishes to the rest of London. They will soon open a second one in North London, at Nag’s Head Market.

Three Uncles 三叔

We didn’t have to wait long for our food! I ordered their Crispy Pork belly & steamed rice and Natalie ordered their Wonton & Char Sui Lo Mein noodles. When we opened our boxes of food the smell of crispy pork wafted to my face – it smelt devine.  Natalie also thought hers was tasty too! The dishes were a generous size, and all under £10 which we thought was affordable for the city. 

The crispy pork was tender and full of flavour and the crispy top had a lovely crisp crunch to it, it definitely bought back my childhood memories eating crispy pork at my parents! I’m so happy there’s a shop so close to our home so we don’t have to always trek it to Chinatown! 

Since my visit to Three Uncles in Liverpool Street, my partner and I have been ordering it through Deliveroo – we just can’t get enough of it! We have tried their Hainan Chicken & rice – delicious, however I personally thought the sauce would have traveled better if it was in a pot rather than over the chicken as it didn’t do it justice, or of course if it’s eaten fresh at the restaurant, but still it’s very tasty. We also tried their Duck & Rice – perfectly roasted – strongly recommend this dish! So much flavour and so juicy! I’m salivating just thinking about it! 

It definitely tastes really authentic. We have already recommended it to friends and family, so if you haven’t tried Three Uncles, go immediately! You won’t regret it! 

Let me know in the comments below whether you’ve tried Three Uncles and what do you think of it?


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