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Body and Mind Botanicals is a family run business. Co-founder Michael Fitzgerald was researching alternative treatments for a family member who suffers from multiple sclerosis. During his research he discovered that CBD helped with sleep which he himself had problems with- from the age of 14 which he only managed to sleep 4 hours. He soon felt a difference in his sleep and his mood when he used the CBD oils.

Before this, new information was being released by the World Health Organisation about the health benefits of CBD. However, finding good quality oils was still a challenge, so Michael and his business partner Martin Kaprockyj started the company to fill this gap in the market.


After a year of research and another 6 months of gathering equipment they were ready to make their own CBD oils! Michael and Martin started selling their CBD products in February 2018 and they are now available in 4 different strengths from 150mg – 1000mg.

Whilst they were developing their oils they realised how good the plants were in teas. They experimented with different strains of legal cannabis as well as different mixes of buds and leaves to develop their cannabis tea. Each cup of tea contains between 25-40mg of CBDa- the raw form of CBD, which is more efficient and works faster.

We had the pleasure of trying their cannabis teas and their CBD infused chocolates! We received 3 pouches of teas and 3 different chocolates. At first glance the packaging is eye catching – it’s very unique, straight away you can see what it helps you with from the creative emoji like logos at the bottom of the packaging.

These products arrived at the best time as Claire and I were both on our periods. My personal experience of my period is usually that it’s uncomfortable for the first few days and the same with Claire, however her pain is a lot worse as she suffers from Endometriosis, and she would have to take up to 6 strong paracetamols on the first day and 4 on her second day. However this wasn’t the case when she drunk the cannabis tea a few days leading up to her period, she only needed 2 paracetamol on her first day! It also helped her sleep better, and to feel less anxious.

(If you would like to have more information about Endometriosis, check out Claire’s video over at LetsbeClaire)

I was a bit skeptical about how it would work and honestly it did make me feel calmer and more relaxed but I still woke up in pain around 2am so I’m unsure whether it worked for me. However I’d like to give it another go on my next cycle but perhaps I’ll drink it every 6 hours on my first day to see what the outcome would be.

The first tea we tried was their cannabis herbal original tea bag- we brewed it for 5-20 mins like it advised on the packet under a small plate. The original had a prominent cannabis smell but drinking it reminded me of green tea with a bit of an earthy taste, it was relaxing drinking it before bed.

The peppermint was more enjoyable, the tea smelt and tasted like your ordinary peppermint tea, so I’d highly recommend something like this flavour to ease you in if you’ve never tried it before! There are 10 tea bags in each packet and it goes a long way if it works for you!

It is advised to drink it every 6 to 8 hours so if one cup isn’t working for you try 2 or 3.

There were chocolate gifted to us too, I personally thought it didn’t work although I would love to try it throughout the day next time! It is advised on the packet to break them in halves and place it under your tongue for the CBD oil to be absorbed quicker. This is to be taken every 4 hours or if you are on medication you can take these after 2 hours after your medication. However I would personally advise to speak to your GP before taking medication with any CBD products.

The chocolates were delicious- velvety smooth dark chocolate a little bit bitter but the texture is gorgeous. The mint dark chocolate was also tasty too; a refreshing flavour. My favourite chocolate is their chocolate orange, it instantly reminded us of the orange creme from quality street; also a smooth chocolaty texture – the orange wasn’t overpowering, and the sweetness was well balanced.

I personally felt that Body and Mind Botanical products didn’t help me, however it worked really well for my partner and Claire. They both felt calm and relaxed and was able to sleep like babies. I would like to give it another go as I was a little envious that they both enjoyed it so much!

Thank you for reading, let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried CBD before and what are your thoughts!

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by Body and Mind Botanicals on a complimentary basis.

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