Green Juice

3 of our favourite Juices

Since the lockdown began Claire and I have been appreciating the joys of a simple life, being able to take time cooking our favourite meals, and discovering new products in our local Sainsburys. The one routine we absolutely won’t drop when we go back to our normal lives would be juicing!


Today I’m sharing our 3 favourite juices that Pinterest have inspired us to make! We’ve been enjoying a variety of flavours but these 3 have stuck and kept us feeling detoxed for longer, we literally look forward to it every weekend and mid week!

First juice I’d like to share is Claire’s favourite – 4 pears, a thumb of ginger, a packet of celery, bag of spinach and 2 lemons. (sometimes we would swap the pears for apples, depending on what we fancied that week – the pears make the juice a lot sweeter). This is a refreshing flavour and gives a good punch from either the ginger or the lemon leaving you feeling ready for the day ahead.

Second juice is one of my favourites – thumb of ginger, 6 carrots and 4 sweet oranges. You get a nice kick from the ginger that really boost your mood. Sometimes we like to add extra ingredients – 1 lemon, half finger of turmeric and a pinch of black pepper. This juice is also very cleansing and very enjoyable- the ginger is the prominent taste followed by the sweet oranges, I just love the colour from the carrots and it gives your glass a lovely bright glow.

Third juice is a lot sweeter than the other two – 4 sweet beetroot, 4 oranges and 6 carrots. It’s a lovely juice to drink on a sunny day, relaxing outside your balcony/garden. The main flavour is beetroot and if you love that, I’d definitely recommend it!

We sieve the juice to make sure there’s no bits at the bottom, and pop them in the fridge for an hour and its ready to enjoy! I hope you enjoyed our 3 favourite juices that we regularly consume.

Happy Juicing!

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