Taro Sushi Takeaway

My Favourite 3 Local Takeaways in London

Since lockdown we’ve been ordering takeaways via Deliveroo and it’s a nice treat to look forward to on the weekends. I present to you my 3 favourite tasty takeaways – starting with Taro!

As most as you know my ultimate favourite takeaway has got to be Taro, I’ve spoken about them at every opportunity I get! It’s so delicious and very comforting especially through these difficult times, and I’m so grateful they are still providing us their mouth-watering food. On our recent delivery I opted for a new side – edamame pancakes! I will definitely be ordering more in the future! I made the mistake of ordering katsu curry without sauce, however I was amazed by how deliciously crispy the chicken was and how much flavour was packed in them, so much so that I didn’t miss the sauce that much.

But my all-time favourite dish from Taro has got to be their Salmon Teriyaki Bento – you get so much in the box – sashimi, nigiris and a small salad with it and not forgetting about the warming miso soup – I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Claire’s favourite option is their vegetable bento – Tofu steak, Inari sushi, Roll sushi, Korokke, Edamame, Beansprouts, miso soup. They offer other vegan dishes too like Tofu Steak Don rice dish, vegetable curry, they have few selections of rolled sushi, and Hand-rolled Sushi (Te-Maki). I love that they have options for everyone to enjoy!

The Collective Kennington Park Cafe, is based in our local park that draws local residents to eat their tasty food. The collective is run by the same owners as Sugar Pot. Last weekend we ordered vegan garlic bread, vegan calzone and their collective pizza. We were very excited to try something different, when they arrived, we were a little disappointed by how the size of the garlic bread but nevertheless it tasted great. Claire chose the vegan calzone, it had been a long time since she’d had one and was ecstatic when she saw it on the menu, unfortunately it didn’t live up to her expectations, but she did enjoy it. I chose the collective pizza – I was surprised by the size of the pizza and how aesthetically pleasing it was. The taste was just right, salty and the grana padano really rounded the pizza off, scrumptious. Highly recommend the collective pizza!

Neat Burger serves a limited range of plant-based products and is in association with Beyond Meat and The Eden Project. For every product sold, a tree is planted! We ordered to share cheesy chips, fries, nuggets and a burger each. I chose their Chick’n Burger and Claire chose their Neat Burger and a pot of Neat sauce. We caned the nuggets – they were very tasty and full of flavour – it was just a shame the portion sizes were small. There were a lot of flavours in my Chick’n Burger – Crispy Chick’n Patty, Lettuce, Tangy Mayo but I felt the Chick’n itself was a bit slimy, nevertheless I ate it all! Claire annihilated her Neat Burger – can’t blame her though as it was packed full of delicious goodness – Double Neat Meat Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Red Onions, Pickles, Neat Sauce – yum! The cheesy chips had an acquired taste, something that we might not dabble in again, but we couldn’t get over how tasty the nuggets were, we will have to order double the amount next time!

These restaurants have been getting us through our lockdown weeks and we are so grateful to be able to support these local businesses during these difficult times.

Let me know what you have been ordering through lockdown!

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