Grain: A coffee shop in Hongdae, Seoul

We love going out for brunch and we were definitely in brunch heaven in Seoul. We visited a couple of nice places, but we were especially drawn to Grain, we ended up going back almost everyday! The staff were friendly and attentive, that made it all just extra special- plus their food was phenomenal! Grain has an amazing selection of food to choose from, it’s known for its Danish style brunches.

When we first visited I ate with my eyes but because it was so tasty I did manage to finish it all. I went for the build your own brunch option and I selected 5 dishes. I feel 5 dishes was pushing it a bit for me, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Claire was happy that she could ask for her classic avo on toast, some days she’d ask for mushrooms on the side depending on her mood. This little gem is located in Hongdae, Yeonnam-dong amongst trendy new buildings. Admittedly we did get lost on a few occasions, as the roads were a little similar but we loved the area as it was a lot quieter than the main bustling streets of Hongdae- don’t get us wrong we loved the business but it was lovely to enjoy a peaceful breakfast too 😊

If you love brunches as much as we do, then this cafe would suit you perfectly! You can pick your own items to create your ultimate brunch! Minimum of 4 items to 6! (up to 15,500 KRW)

They do offer other dishes if you’re not up for a savoury brunch. One of the other days I tried their wholemeal pancakes; lemon butter, homemade musli, fruit, pancake syrup it was so good, the pancakes were light, fluffy and delicious. Their coffees and drinks were tasty too, I’m a big fan of their matcha lattes, so frothy and creamy. Claire was addicted to their flat whites made with oat milk.

If you’re ever in this area and love brunches, you must check out Grain. We highly recommend – it caters to all dietary requirements and we loved that they have seating outside as the coffee shop isn’t so big, but they have used the space well.

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