My Favourite Dessert Spots in London

I am a lover of most foods but when it comes to desserts – I can’t get enough, I can always make room for a little something extra after lunch, dinner or even a sweet snack in between courses. Now that the summer has arrived, I wanted to share some of my favourite dessert spots I have visited this year that may help you cool down- as well as satisfying your sweet tooth of course.

Starting with Yolkin located in China town. They are known for their ice cream macaroon sandwiches, but they also provide scoops of ice cream, as well as ice cream cakes, and milkshakes. I love looking at the various flavours they have in store. They regularly change their ice cream sandwiches (every 2 weeks), but they also have your favourite ice cream scoops behind their counter, so if you just want a classic cone then Yolkin is a great place to visit! 

I love following this company on Instagram as they’re so creative and it’s so fun watching them develop. I love it when they incorporate seasonal events such as Chinese New Year creating macaroon ice cream piglets’ sandwiches or bunnies/chicks for Easter.

One Macaroon ice cream sandwich costs around £4.50.

When I went with my sister and her boyfriend, we chose their strawberry and cream sandwich and their matcha sandwich. Both rich in flavour and a fun twist on a classic ice-cream. The presentation was on point, with realistic flavours from both ice creams, the macaroons were sweet but complimented the flavour.

Bubblewrap – located in China Town had been on my list for quite a while, especially as its always busy! The queues always extend outside, and I’ve never seen it without a queue. I just had to go and check it out for myself. The queue moved quickly, the staff were very friendly and informative, so first timers- don’t worry! I know full well dessert places can be rather overwhelming if there is a big variety to choose from. Each team member had a role to play in their human conveyer belt and it’s extremely well organised. It was interesting to see how the waffles were made- it certainly made the queuing seem less bad!

I chose their Deluxe Lover (£6.99) but you had the option to mix and match toppings. I wanted to go for a classic flavour- strawberry and cream. The waffle was delicious no wonder why there’s always a queue! The crispy batter was delicious and had a fluffy centre. Mmm… The vanilla ice cream was creamy and worked well with the fresh strawberries and not forgetting the drizzle of Nutella sauce topping the dessert off perfectly.  This dessert is great for sharing or to have to yourself. I’d like to say I shared mine but I ate it all! 😝If you want something a little more filling, I would recommend Bubblewrap!

Twisterlicious opened this year, and I went to try their delicious looking chimney cone cake! As they had been popping up on my Instagram feed like wildfire, I had to go see it for myself. I already knew what I wanted – raspberry kiss. They had sold the last one to the person before me. The man behind the counter was lovely, he let me try their new flavour- ube (purple yam) sweet potato, but don’t worry it didn’t taste like a sweet potato! It had been sweetened – I would describe it as nutty with a subtle earthy taste, I wasn’t keen on it at first but gradually the flavour grew on me.

The man served up their ube-licious soft serve ice cream; I got to choose the cake cones – they had coconut, pistachio or cinnamon. My eyes darted straight for the cinnamon chimney. He threw in some marshmallows, poured in some melted chocolate and the ube soft serve ice cream, he drizzled some caramel sauce and to finish it off a wafer stick.

The flavour was creamy with a nutty taste that married well with the crispy cinnamon cone. It reminds me of a crispy churro but better! I highly recommend trying their desserts if you’re around Soho Square and in need of a real treat! £5.50

The last destination I’d like to share with you is Fuwa Fuwa Cafe located at the Brunswick Centre which serves Japanese Soufflé pancakes – I’m salivating just thinking about it. It is made from egg whites, flour, milk, sugar and vanilla extract. The souffles are traditionally served after weddings, which symbolized good fortune.

The service was good – we ordered at the counter and waited at our table, whilst watching our pancakes being made. The batter were cooked in electric griddles, which took up to 20 – 30 minutes.  They have a few different options to choose from- my sister opted for Banana and Nutella with vanilla cream and chopped hazelnuts topping and I chose their pancake with matcha and red bean flavour. All pancakes ranged from £7.90 to £8.90 and they also serve teas and coffees. We were more interested in the pancakes – light, fluffy and melt in mouth- the price was a bit steep, but I’d recommend it if you want to try something refreshing, light and a little bit more unusual.

16 thoughts on “My Favourite Dessert Spots in London

  1. Thank you for sharing this as me and the hubby are going to London at the end of September again we go every year for some time together without the kids, so some good places I have noted down .

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  2. These all look soooo nice!! I have a massive sweet tooth and really enjoy my desserts


  3. Those deserts look lush. Will have to make a note of all and visit them when I am out and about in London. I especially like the sound of the Macaroon ice creams. Yum.

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