Sushi Atelier

Lunch at Sushi Atelier, Great Portland St London

Sushi Atelier located on Great Portland Street 8 minutes walk from the tube station.

Sushi Atelier is a modern Japanese restaurant that serves creative sushi dishes – the menu is a diversity of imaginative and exquisite culinary flavours. The main display of the restaurant is a long counter where the chefs prep and create their magnificent flavours, using different mediums.

Sushi Atelier

As we approached the restaurant the waiter greeted us with a friendly smile and led us to our table. The restaurant was bright with natural light seeping through their large windows, we sat closer to the drinks area which I didn’t mind (easy access). We were asked whether we wanted any water for the table and we asked for tap.

I had a grand breakfast that morning but I was still able to look at the menu with beady eyes. As the dishes were made for sharing, my sister chose for the both of us – scallop & asparagus and steamed pork gyoza to start off with. We accompanied them with a lychee martini which was a perfect blend of taste – the lychee flavour tasted exactly like the fruit, followed by the kick of alcohol (it got me tipsy quickly).


The scallop & asparagus came out first,  this was seared scallops and steamed asparagus served with vuzu-basil miso – the scallops tasted amazing with vuzu-basil miso adding that extra flavour. The steamed pork and vege gyoza with sesame dipping sauce was surprisingly delicious, as most places would have an option for chicken or vegetables only. We picked pork just to try the difference and we loved it, and it was refreshing to have steamed gyoza rather than deep fried – we felt a little healthier.

Once our plates were cleared we didn’t have to wait long for our main dishes to appear. Salmon carpaccio this was seared salmon with umami salt and tomato sauce topped with kataifi and cress – the seared salmon just melted on my tongue with the crispy kataifi that added that extra texture. This for me was the best dish I have ever tried – I will be talking about it for weeks.

Our next dish was the Rainbow – snow crab and avocado with garlic truffle mayo and flying fish roe topped with different kinds of fish – a creative and colourful roll it also tasted amazing, generous roll sizes. I was having trouble eating my half so my sister helped.

The Seared Salmon Nigiri comes as one so we ordered two pieces. It was delicious but I personally preferred the Salmon Carpaccio as they had an extra bite to it.

Our final dish was the Salmon Avocado with yuzu mayo and sesame, a little smaller in size but it tasted great; with ripe avocados that made everything taste smoother and it was gone within a matter of minutes between my sister and me!

We had to have a look at their dessert menu! They have a small range of delicious treats but unfortunately the ones we wanted were out of stock – probably because they were so good! Hopefully next time we can try the soy milk panna cotta with black sesame sauce and their green tea cheese cake! We decided to share their moochi ice cream vanilla, mango and green tea flavour! They were so cold that I had trouble eating but I slowly tackled them! Our bill was given to us in a manga book – something I thought was a unique touch to the service.

Our experience at Sushi Atelier was splendid, the service was superb – the staff were friendly, welcoming and helpful. It’s a great place to chill with friends and family with a modern setting. The sushi dishes were absolutely delicious- cannot fault them. It was great fun watching the chefs create our food! I highly recommend especially their cocktails – hit the spot!

Their opening times are as follow – Monday to Saturday 12pm to 3pm, they reopen at 6pm to 10pm and closed on Sundays.

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