Farm Girl Cafe, Soho

Lunch at Farm Girl Cafe, Soho London

Farm Girl Cafe, an Australian inspired coffee shop, is located in a couple of London’s hot spots  – Notting Hill, Chelsea and Soho. The one I visited for lunch was on Carnaby Street, Soho.

Farm Girl values its fresh and natural ingredients which I believe shined through in the dishes I selected.

Farm Girl Cafe, Soho London

Like most London dwellers, city mapper is my bible. It was my first visit to Farm Girl, and it proved a little tricky to find. Citymapper alerted me that I’d arrived but the coffee shop was not visible. I realised that Sweaty Betty (situated on the corner of Beak Street and Carnaby Street) had a sign outside saying Farm Girl Cafe upstairs! Hallelujah! I followed the luminous lights to the cafe upstairs.

The coffee shop itself was small but the space was used wisely, light bulbs hung from the ceiling, green plants dangled from the edge of the walls above the windows that flooded the natural light, white walls gave it a minimalist feel. They had a small private courtyard which is open to the public, I was lucky enough to enjoy my lunch in the sun.

The staff were very friendly, they were patient with me as I was deciding what I wanted to eat, as their menu was extensive! There are so many choices but it was easy to read with clear dietary indications at the bottom of the menu.

When I finally decided, I went for the coconut BLT sandwich (V) – Coconut bacon*, sliced beef tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce & homemade cashew cream on toasted brown sourdough. I accompanied that with their Butterfly Matcha Organic blue matcha powder with almond milk. I was very intrigued about how the blue matcha would taste! For dessert I chose their Rose & Pistachio cake (GF) – ground almonds, cardamon, lemon, rose water rice flour, pistachio, eggs, butter, cream, raspberry brown sugar & himalayan salt.

I didn’t have to wait long, my butterfly matcha arrived once I was settling down. Its navy blue colour, was intriguing. The flavour was light and creamy, the blue matcha wasn’t as overpowering as I imagined it would be, it had an enjoyable subtle sweet taste.

Soon after, my main dish arrived, the coconut BLT sandwich. The first bite was amazing, just writing about it is making me hungry. Fresh juicy beef sliced tomatoes and refreshing lettuce bought the sandwich together with generous amounts of coconut bacon shavings and homemade cashew sauce. Absolutely delicious!

My Rose & Pistachio cake was an interesting taste, my first bite released a wave of flavours, with an intense floral taste followed by a light and delicate sponge that compliments that rose water. The pistachios gave the cake another element of flavour. For me the cake was the perfect size, it’s quite rich so I think a small portion is perfect.

My overall experience of Farm Girl Cafe, was pleasant. The staff were very friendly and attentive. The atmosphere was lively, customers bought their laptops to do their work and weren’t rushed. It’s a very chilled cafe, with great space. It’s a short walk from Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus tube station. I highly recommend Farm Girl for anyone that fancies a quick bite or enjoys hanging out with family/friends/partners. There is of course an option of delivery or take out!

Or if you fancy eating later than ‪7pm‬ on a weekday, head to their Chelsea branch where they open ‪until 11pm‬ with booking in advance.

Soho’s opening hours are ‪Monday to Friday 8am‬ to 7pm, ‪Saturday’s 9.30am to 7.30pm‬ and ‪Sunday’s 10am to 6pm‬.

Chelsea’s opening times are ‪Monday to Friday 8.30am‬ to 11pm, ‪Saturday’s 9am to 11pm‬ and ‪Sunday’s 9am to 6pm‬.

Notting Hill’s opening times are ‪Monday to Friday 8.30am‬ to 4.30pm, Saturday’s and ‪Sunday’s 9am to 6pm‬.

For more details check out their website Farm Girls Cafe.

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