Ground view of the fair with a silver sparkly tree in the middle, red and gold baubles hung sporadically

The Spirit of Christmas Fair 2019

Earlier this month myself and Miranda were invited to the ‘Spirit of Christmas fair’ by Joe&Seph the gourmet popcorn company. We were so excited to attend as this was a great opportunity to get a head start on our Christmas shopping!

When we arrived we bolted for the food hall, as we just love exploring what new things we could discover. There was a vast range of eateries/samples and this was probably why we ended up with hands full of delicious snacks.

We nibbled our way around every stall until we reached Joe&Seph and met the team, they were so welcoming- Joe&Seph have over 50 different types of popcorn, of course they couldn’t bring them all to the fair, but the ones we did try were phenomenal!

There were a few new products that came out this year including the dark chocolate popcorn bites. I’m not the biggest fan of dark chocolate but this was delicious, the chocolate was velvety, and the popcorn added some extra sweetness.

They also had a vegan range – chocolate popcorn, salted caramel & apple and cinnamon popcorn! It was definitely the best tasting vegan popcorn I’ve tried! The cinnamon wasn’t overpowering the apple and the flavours married well.

The ones that stood out for us were the goat’s cheese & black pepper – it was so creamy and we loved the black pepper finish giving the popcorn more of a spicy element. The Camembert this seemed to have a much creamier flavour and it left us wanting more. Their new marmite flavour was tasty too – it wasn’t an overpowering taste, a hint of sweet caramel and the marmite seeped through. The mint chocolate was delicious too, a rich chocolatey flavour with a fresh mint after taste. We also loved the white chocolate & vanilla flavour – a luxurious white chocolate that made me mouth water every time I took a bite. To be honest we loved them all! You can really taste what you’re eating – it felt like a willy wonker experience!

We were treated with a goody bag – I will be making some treats from them so watch this space!

We spent the rest of the afternoon looking around the dazzling fair, the other stalls that stood out for us were ‘Popcorn Shed‘ (which we worked with last year), and ‘Pastinos‘.

It was great to meet Popcorn Shed as they had some new flavours; Vegan Caramel, Goats Cheese and Black Pepper and Cherry Bakewell, I was most impressed with the Cherry Bakewell as it was so similar to the real thing.

Pastinos is a new vegan crisp snack that is made out of 100% real pasta! They have 5 different flavours; Arrabbiata Chilli and Tomato, Chianti and Olive, Classic Pesto, Tomato and Sweet Basil, and the Four Cheeses. The Arrabbiata Chilli & Tomato was my favourite, but we bought them all as they were all very tasty.

This event was magical all the food and fashion stalls that you could ever dream of! 900 independent boutique retailers and designer makers, and over 100 artisan food producers in the festive Food Hall and Great Taste Market. 

*Disclosure: This was an invite to the Spirit of Christmas Fairby Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn. 

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