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Taffy Mail | UK’s American Sweets Subscription Box

As you all know I’m a big fan of sweet things and I love snacking too, so this was an exciting collaboration with Taffy Mail. They are the only UK American sweets subscription box. There are 3 sizes to choose from lite, classic and extra. Lite contains 4 – 5 American goodies with no soda at £7.49, classic contains 8 – 10 American goodies with 1 can of soda at £14.99, and the extra box contains up to 20 American goodies with at least a can of soda and at least 1 premium item at £24.99. Taffy Mail carefully selects the sweets and snacks every month, each box differs from the next and they have seasonal themed boxes.

How it works:

Simply click subscribe, and enter your details. They aim to ship your box on the 15th of each month and be at your door within 3-5 days.

We were sent this to review over the summer and have finally made our way through the box! There were some familiar snacks we’d seen before but the majority were completely new to us!

Here are some of the sweets and snacks we tried:

Potato chips lightly salted great with sandwiches and it’s great for sharing!

Hot Fries there was a kick but it also had a cheese flavour that was so moorish and after a while you’ll get use to the spice! We highly recommend it!

Fluffy marshmallow spread caramel flavour – sweet flavour with an airy texture and quite sticky! After eating my toasted tea cake we realised we had it stuck on our hands and my mouths! So be warned it can go everywhere but it was a fun spread to try!

Mini donuts – cute bite size of sugar crunchy coated donuts, when we first opened the packet the sweet smell invites you in. The dough is soft and crumbly a great snack with tea!

Candy floss – We loved the smell when it first hit us – reminded us of funfairs when we were kids. The blue raspberry was sweet and tangy, whilst the strawberry flavour was much sweeter but balanced well together. We must say it’s pretty dangerous to have it near you as just melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more!

Twizzlers we’ve seen them before but we never got our hands on any until now! These have a subtle strawberry flavour to them.

Charleston Chewy – a gluten free sweet with a fun element to them you can either eat them as it is very chewy or freeze them! We cut it in half to try both – the chewy version was rather messy and got a little sticky. Whereas the frozen had a crunchy bite which reminded us of a chocolate crunchy but with a strawberry filling! The frozen version was the winner for us as it slowly turns into the chewy strawberry sweet, with less mess!

Cow Tales – a chewy caramel with a tasty creamy centre, can easily eat that in one sitting.

Watchamacallit – chewy caramel with a crispy bite and a chocolate coating smothered on it, It’s definitely one of our favourites so far.

Peanut butter cupcakes – sweet with the right amount of peanuts, great for anyone that loves sugar and peanuts!

Starbursts mini’s have a subtle sour flavour although if you have more than one it starts to build up, great if you love a bit more flavour in your sweets!

If you love the element of surprise and curiosity like we do, then this UK American subscription box is something we’d highly recommend! Each month you will have something new, a great way to explore the sweeter things in life!

*Disclosure: The products in this review was provided by Taffy Mail on a complimentary basis.

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