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January Mini 2019 | Pop Culture Snack Box Subscription | Japan Centre

Better late than never, I have finally gotten round to writing my mini snack subscription for January from the Japan centre. I use to be obsessed with this shop, to be honest I still am! This is probably why my sister bought me the 3 months subscription box as a Christmas gift, thank you so much!

I feel snacking will be always be part of me routine, and I’m not afraid to try different snacks (how else will you know if you don’t try it?) – For Japan Centre’s subscription boxes you can chose 3 different sizes as a gift or something to treat yourself! The mini costs £15 a month, the standard £25 a month and the Premium £40 a month.

Pop Culture Snack Box

It came in a cute package filled with savoury and sweet treats, for their January month they sent out; a peach soy milk drink, mandarin jelly, apple and grape gummy candy, salted caramel chewy candy, soda soft centred chewing gum, caramel corn and strawberry chocolate biscuits.

To distinguish what each snack is, the Japan Centre labelled each item with a sticky note identifying it in English – forward thinking I’d say! However if they happen to fall off they also placed a ‘Pop Culture Snack Box – January 2019’ info sheet in English with all the images and ingredients, alongside a full description of what they have in the standard and premium boxes! 


On to the products:

Kabaya Frog Apple and Grape Gummy Candy – Apple flavoured gummy a tough consistency when I first bite into it, however the grape flavoured ones were my favourite as it was more squidgy. They both have a sugary coating on top, however it was not my favourite gummy sweet.

Sanrio Bonbonribbon Caramel corn snacks – when I opened the package a burst of caramel whiffed up my nose, fortunately it wasn’t as rich as the smell, it was a crisp light texture really tasty and I managed to finish it in seconds!

Morinaga Salted Caramel Chewy Candy – they weren’t kidding with it being chewy the flavour was subtle more sweet than salty but nevertheless very tasty!

Meihi Takenoko No Sato Strawberry Chocolate Biscuits – The strawberry milk chocolate biscuits were delicious, a waft of strawberry flavour came flying past me when I opened the packet. A small crispy biscuit covered in strawberry chocolate – what more do you want? They were cute to look at and tastes great too – I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it all!

Tarami Fruit Shop Jelly with Mikan Chunks – watch out it’s very juicy! Accidentally split some on myself but I’m a bit clumsy! Delicious I’ve never had one so juicy and wobbly before, highly recommend this little dessert! The mandarins were tasty too, I would have easily ate more if there was extra in the box! Thumbs up from me!

Marusanai White Peach Soy Milk Drink – advise to shake well before piercing the cartoon, made that mistake as it tasted a little watery. I personally felt the drink wasn’t for me – the peach flavour hits you followed by a ‘milky’ candy peach flavour although nearer to the end of the drink it did grow on me, but I think I must have been addicted to the sugar – I had to drink it in small doses.

The final sweets from the January mini box is the Coris Soda Soft Centred Chewing Gum (Soda) – they remind me of bons bons at first glance but they are nothing alike! These packed a punch – if you love sour sweets, this is the gum for you! It took me by surprise! Ha but I also get a fizzy sensation; when I  first bit into it, a gel like middle oozed out and created the soda flavour. Personally the soda flavour wasn’t to my liking but I would recommend if you love a good sour fizz in your snacks!

I’ve always wanted to subscribe to the monthly treat-yourself box and this selection was all great, the perfect gift from my sister.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review on the Japan Centre’s January mini subscription box, I am looking forward to trying out my February box soon.

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