All-Bran Kellogg's Relaunch Event

Happy Guts | All-Bran Kellogg’s | Relaunch Event

Last week I attended the relaunch of Kellogg’s All-Bran cereal and even though I got to Soho pretty early, I was a little gutted that I missed out on the yoga class as it was fully booked! However it didn’t dampen my mood one bit, as I was surrounded by delicious breakfast options!

There were a lot of tasty All-bran breakfast to feast on.  Fruit, yoghurt, cereal, I decided to opt for an all bran smoothie – I’m not big on breakfast so early in the morning (I tend to take my breakfast into work) however I wanted something I can easily have without making a mess of myself. To my surprise it was really tasty – who would have thought, All-Bran cereal can taste delicious in a drink? and be so good for you! I will definitely have this as an alternative drink on the go! As it’s gut friendly and filling!

The line up of the day looked interesting –

Sadly I couldn’t stay long however I did manage to catch Dr Megan Rossi and speak to Matt Perkins.

Dr Megan Rossi, gut health specialist, Registered Dietitian with a PhD in gut health from the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia. She began to present –

Gut Health: The Secret to Happiness? this was presented on a slide show, we were all eagerly waiting to be enlightened with her knowledge about our ‘second’ brain. She started off her presentation by saying:

Close your eyes – think of something scary that you’re afraid of e.g. heights, public speaking, spiders etc. Then if I told you to you’ll have to face that in 10 mins where was that feeling coming from? And majority of us said ‘Your gut!’ She then mentions about how the gut could be in relation to mental health – they did studies on healthy bodies and bodies who had depression, which showed that the gut is another way of signalling your mood if you don’t take care of it.

After an insightful 20 minutes talk on gut healths and benefits, we were able to have 1to1 sessions with the nutritionists; I spoke to Matt Perkins – European Category Senior Nutrition Manager at Kellogg Company. We spoke about his background and how ‘selfish’ he has to be when it comes to eating healthier, especially at work when you are solely concentrating on yourself (he refers to cooking for his children and would have to eat what they eat) for lunch he takes in salads or salmon fillet with wholegrain rice. For snacking he eats dried fruit or nuts. He told me he’s always ate brans cereal, when growing up him and his Dad would always eat Fruit’n Fibre, and he has continued eating that throughout his life – of course he switches it up with porridge and fruit.

To be honest when I went to the event I didn’t know what to expect, I personally didn’t know much about the gut, but after I felt more knowledgeable about how much we should ‘love’ our gut – for starters I should start eating healthier breakfasts, and perhaps incorporate more fibre into my meals. (I have no excuse now with the generous goodie bag full of different all-bran cereals), I will have to start meal planning and making sure I start taking probiotics in the morning.

I have found some useful tips to keep your gut happy:

  • Fibre – keeps gut cells healthy and your body will be able to clear out waste properly – wholegrain meals: cereals, whole wheat pasta, wholegrain bread and oats, barley and rye as well as beans, nuts and legumes,
  • Take probiotics supplements, or if you prefer you can drink miso soup as it contains live cultures (beneficial bacteria)
  • Prebiotics is a fertiliser for the probiotics – leeks, onions, garlic, chicory, beans and cold potatoes.
  • Cut down on sugar and rich foods
  • Massage after meals – 2 hours after eating massage your abdomen
  • Manage your stress – it can create bad bacteria whilst inhabiting the growth of good bacteria
  • Make sure you drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep

I hope you all enjoyed reading my experience at the Kellogg’s relaunch, and I hope the healthy facts can benefit you in some form of way.

*Disclosure: This was an invite to Kellogg’s relaunch for All-Brans cereal.

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