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French Dining hosted by AllChefs Ltd, Oxfordshire

Sophie grew up in France where she trained as a chef. She moved to the UK in her early 20s where she began building her career. Sophie is family orientated, sociable, and passionate about cooking. She set up her own business AllChefs Ltd a year ago.

AllChefs Ltd is based in Stanton House, Oxfordshire where Sophie hosts private parties, cooking classes and catering services.

Her mission is to help families cook homemade meals in under 30 minutes which allows mums to spend less time in the kitchen but also to help feed their kids non processed and home cooked food.

‘Supper Club’ Experience

Sophie invited myself and a few of my friends to join her ‘Supper Club’ a French dining experience. We had arranged it a few weeks in advance – arranging dietary requirements and noting that one of my friends is dairy free. When we arrived she welcomed us into her beautiful home and showed us to our table for the evening. She had beautifully laid the table with matching napkins, glasses and cutlery. Her dining room was bright and filled with natural light which flooded through the large window which created a perfect setting for our dinner.

Once settled, Sophie bought out a glass of champagne for us all and some apéritifs- Olives, Saucissons and Sardines along with herbed crackers. Each tasted amazing- pitted black and green olives, French cured pork and sardines combined with lemon, mayo, olive oil and herb de provence.

For starters we all had the Quiche Lorraine and salad, homemade crust pastry stuffed with onions and lardons, it was cooked to perfection with beaten eggs, cream and milk. Sophie had decorated the plate with a cucumber and tomato salad, which she drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar. For my friend who is dairy free, she also had the Quiche Lorraine and salad but was given almond milk instead of regular milk, which also went down a treat!

For the main course, we had a choice between salmon en croute with a beurre blanc and greens or boeuf bourguignon and mash potato. The majority of the table chose the boeuf bourguignon, but I wanted to try the salmon. Let me tell you now I was not disappointed! The salmon was amazing, it melted in my mouth, with the burst of flavours from the onions and spinach which was locked in by the puff pastry giving a phenomenal flavour.

Sophie informed us that she used a technique called sous vide to cook the salmon to perfection. My dairy free friend also opted for the salmon, she had mash potato with almond milk, green beans and a mousselin sauce – which was a light creamy foam texture that would make you salivate. {In France Sophie would eat white Aparagus with mousselin sauce}.

The rest of the girls picked the boeuf bourguignon- Sophie had fried the beef, added flour, red wine, water, thyme and bayleaf- all the necessary ingredients to give the stew that sublime rich flavour.

For our dessert it was a choice between chocolate mousse and crepes. I jumped at the chance to have a homemade chocolate mousse and the rest of the table picked crepes.

My dessert came in a heart shaped pot with a small meringue for decoration. For me the flavour was just right, not too sweet and not too bitter- it was gone in a matter of minutes!

My friends had the pleasure of indulging in the flavours Sophie had put with the crepes – whipped cream, homemade jam and Nutella. I was able to try some for myself – cream on one side and jam on the other, the perfect merging of classic French and British flavours.

Whilst we digested our food we were offered tea – Jasmine or Spiced apple. For me the tea helped cleanse my palette and was a great way to end a lovely evening.

My overall experience of ‘Supper Club’ was fantastic. Sophie’s French heritage was really reflected in her dishes. She was very intelligent and insightful. She knew how to creatively alter dishes to cater for our dietary requirements. She presented her dishes well, with attention to detail and creativity. She was a brilliant host catering to our every need.

I highly recommend her services! If you fancy a cosy evening of relaxation, along with exquisite food, and of course good company.

The experience costs £30 per person for a 3 course set menu which includes a glass of champagne and some nibbles. To book your own private dining with Sophie please use this link eatwith, seating up to 2 to 8 guests. To follow her Instagram it’s AllChefsLtd.

To find out when her next cooking classes are here is the link to All Chefs – Affordable cooking programmes for families. It is a class of 6, a sociable number and an opportunity to bounce ideas off each other. Sophie regularly holds them weekly and is £12 per person.

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