February Mini Subscription Box


The February mini subscription box from the Japan Centre came during the first week of the month. I ran down to reception knowing that it had arrived. It is always exciting when you know you’ll be getting something but unsure what it would be – just like a kid again! I was ecstatic to try this months one as I had already experienced the exciting flavours of the previous box.

As before the box was well packaged and the snacks were carefully placed with the info sheet on top:

Senjakuame Paw-Shaped Honey Lemon Flavoured Candy with Jelly – I really liked it; the gummy was soft and squidgy and was coated with sugar dusting. When you first put it in your mouth there isn’t much flavour but when I bit into it; the burst of honey and lemon flew out- it was rather tasty in my opinion.

Glico Pocky Chocolate you can’t beat a classic pocky with its crispy biscuit dipped in chocolate, my kind of biscuit. Thumbs up from me!

Lotte Crunchy Matcha Green Tea & Cookie Chocolates – once I opened the packet a whoosh of matcha hit me, I love the smell. The taste is delicious and not too sweet, it’s crispy and there’s a hint of matcha following through, this was definitely my favourite treat so far, if you love matcha you will love this! Small bites of heaven – I will have to order some of these tasty treats! It reminded me of a crispy matcha wafer in a small chocolate ball.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Strawberry Cream Sandwich Biscuit – a crunchy biscuit with a strawberry filling – what it says on the packet, if only there was more.. it would have been great if I had thought of eating it with a cup of tea! I do love dunking my biscuits in tea.

Glico Assorted Drink Mix Flavoured Hard Lolly – there was no doubt that this was peach flavour, and it didn’t have an overpowering taste – I personally loved it – it tasted like a syrup peach flavour. I loved the playful element of it with its ears on either side – creating more of a enjoyable sweet.

Lotte Blueberry Flavoured Gum – personally I couldn’t taste the blueberry flavour, what I thought it tasted like was a sour berry, I was unsure whether I liked it or not but I wanted to get a second opinion so I asked my friend Claire – her first thoughts were apple, then the berry flavour kicked in. We both thought different things but perhaps if you’re curious enough you can try it and let me know what your thoughts are?

I really enjoyed the February box. I strongly recommend this as a treat for yourself or a loved one. This mini subscription box is great value, and it takes me a while to go through it. It is only £15 per month, I am tempted to buy the next one when my Christmas subscription has run out!

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