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Dinner at Tas Restaurant, Southbank London

Tas Restaurant Southbank is one of many branches across London, that specialises authentic Anatolian Turkish cuisine – meze, casseroles and grills. The food at Tas is freshly made by their highly skilled chefs – using fresh, seasonal produce and offering a delicious mix of classic and modern dishes.

We arrived at Tas Southbank in good time for our table. It was a short walk from Waterloo Station, the restaurant was busy for a Thursday evening. The setting was compact with customers sitting a couple of inches away from each other [elbow to elbow], but no one seemed to mind, everyone busily enjoying the food and company. The restaurant was lit dimly with a backdrop of changing colours from the kitchen bar, where you could see the chefs prepping food for all the tables.


They immediately led us to our table, whilst a waiter had a plate of pitta and dip following us to our table, and placed them down on our table when we both sat down – they don’t waste anytime when making sure you get served!

We had the choice of a la carte menu or the set menu. Eloise and I both looked at each other and decided on the Ekin set menu – £19.95 per person really good deal we thought – a choice of 2 starters and a main and a choice of drink.

We decided to order between us –

Mantar – Mushrooms sauteed with garlic, onions and tomatoes, topped with kashar cheese.

Enginar – Artichoke hearts cooked in olive oil with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic.

Zeytinyağlı Bakla – Fresh broad beans cooked in olive oil with red & green peppers, coriander, dill and garlic, served with yoghurt.

Börek – Filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach.

We individually chose our mains as I wanted something more meaty; Eloise chose the Mantar – Mushrooms cooked with tomatoes, onions, red & green peppers, topped with kashar cheese. I chose the Izgara Köfte – Minced lamb, onion and green pepper patties, seasoned with parsley and herbs served with couscous.

We both opted for their Turkish house red wine, which came instantly – Tas’ service was very quick considering it was a busy evening which I thought was impressive, especially as they were really attentive. Fun fact! Ian Mckellen came here whilst he was staring in a play at the National Theatre, which was partly why Eloise booked this restaurant!

When our starters arrived we found it tricky finding space on the table as it was small, but we managed to find space. The food was fresh and tasted amazing, we especially liked the Börek – Filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach – a sweet casing and a savoury filling – at which we both lit up with excitement. After wiping the plates clean, a waiter cleared our plates, and asked whether we’d like our mains we both agreed and not long after they arrived. Eloise’s Mantar was delicious although I personally felt we could have made it ourselves as it was like a mushroom stew. My dish the Izgara Köfte, the minced lamb was far more flavoursome and tastier – a lot of juice and the meat was tender.

Their house red wasn’t to my taste buds as it was rather dry, I couldn’t finish it so Eloise helped me out.

The Tas experience was good, with superb flavouring. My best bites would have to be their filo pastry – I would happily eat that now and I highly recommend. The restaurant is huge with 2 floors although that night the first floor was only in use. I liked that this restaurant has a vast selection of vegetarian options and if you look closely some options could be vegan but I would advise calling to make sure as each branch might be different. I felt this restaurant offered a lot of choice for everyone.

Tas Southbank opens from Monday to Saturday 12pm to 11.30pm, and Sunday from 12pm to 10.30pm.

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  1. Looks like they have a great menu and I love the decor of the restaurant

  2. I have a few Turkish friends and they have introduced us to some great food, this restaurant sounds truly authentic. It all sounds delicious! 🙂

  3. I’m a big fan of Turkish food but not been here before, I’ll have to give it a try next time I’m in London x

  4. Its a shame the tables were that small but it does look like a really lovely restaurant with some nice food

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