Avobar London

Dinner at Avo Bar London

Avobar London has been one of my top restaurants to try since they first opened their pop up shop October last year and I was so pleased to hear they are here to stay!
My bestie and I thought it would be a great idea to pop in and try their Avo burger before watching Crazy Rich Asians!
I was running late, but Claire was able to walk in and grab a table and order food and drink before they closed at 8pm.


Avobar is located in Covent Garden, a short walk from Leicester Square. Perfect location, so central and a great area to wonder around after a bite to eat.
When I arrived at the restaurant the waitress gave me a warm welcome and showed me through to the table – the interior was lovely, a chilled out vibe; white wood and foliage hangs along the walls with patterned textiles creating a laid back ambience.
As Claire had ordered my Avo burger, it was already waiting for me, along with a mug of hot chocolate. (Avo Bun Burger with a sweet potato and red lentil patty).

This was served with a side of cabbage, personally the purple cabbage wasn’t to my fancy it had a strange aftertaste which I was not keen on but the Avo Bun Burger itself was delicious and I couldn’t fault it. However I do personally think it’s a bit overpriced for what you get. The combination of the avocado, sweet potato and lentils were delicious, I would have never thought that the three would blend so well together. Claire ordered the same, and a side dish of Tortilla Chips. This was a great match, as the flavours blended in nicely and the chips helped scoop everything off the plate!

Sadly we didn’t have time for dessert as we had to run to the cinema, but they have a small selection of avo treats that caught my eye – Avo cheesecake made with vegan ‘white chocolate’ and a touch of lime, this sounded intriguing and their Avo Choc Brownie with sweet potato syrup also sounded really creative.
Sadly the Avobar was a bit of a let down and it didn’t match up to my expectations and the food was overpriced in my opinion. That being said, I did have fun and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and interior. If I returned I would just head straight for the deserts.

Their opening times are from Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm.

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