Bake 麵包屋

Dessert at Bake 麵包屋, Chinatown London

Bake 麵包屋 is located on Wardour Street, walking distance from Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. One side of their window display is filled with colourful cream cakes and the other side small Taiyaki fish shaped cakes with an option of custard or red bean inside. {This replicates Tai, a Japanese red seabream}.

I had seen a lot of Instagram posts of the Taiyaki ice cream and wanted to try it myself! It is so convenient for me to hop on a bus and make my way to Chinatown where all the delicious desserts are.

Bake 麵包屋 sell baked goods and sweet treats from Malaysia, China, Japan and Korea. They have a delicious selection of freshly baked buns on the left-hand side when you walk in, and the right-hand side is their counter full of yummy Taiyaki ice cream £3.80 – £4, bubble wrap ice cream £6 and small pieces of red bean/custard Taiyaki £2 – £2.50.

Bake 麵包屋

I decided to buy a few buns for breakfast – Chicken curry bun, Chashu Pork bun, and a Pineapple bun, my three favourite buns when I was growing up! They have a vast selection available; some I haven’t seen anywhere else in Chinatown – it reminded me of shops in Hong Kong.

I had asked one of the ladies standing behind the counter whether I can use my visa card, she informed me that the minimum amount to spend on card is £10, but she kindly told me that there was a free cash withdrawal machine at the end of the road and that she would hold my tray of goodies until I return.

Once I returned I requested for a Green Tea Taiyaki ice cream {soft serve ice cream} which was £4, I had an option of mixed flavours Green Tea and Vanilla flavoured Taiyaki £4 or an option to have just the Vanilla ice cream £3.80. Green Tea is one of my favourite ice cream flavours, so it would have been silly not to opt for it! I paid for my treats and waited in line to collect my Taiyaki served with soft serve ice cream. They placed a white chocolate biscuit that was filled with a creamy middle in the ice cream, with a handy napkin and a disposable spoon to dig in with.

The flavours were refreshing and weren’t overpowering, the Taiyaki cone was crispy and had a soft middle that complimented the taste of the green tea ice cream. It was enjoyable snack as I walked around Chinatown aimlessly.

I strongly recommend Bake 麵包屋. They have an extensive variety of buns and if you fancied a soft, cool, treat, opt for their soft served ice creams in a tub £2.50 – £2.70 or in a fish shaped cone!

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