Indulgent Popcorn 'Shed'

Award Winning Gourmet Popcorn by Popcorn Shed

Popcorn Shed an award winning gourmet popcorn company, run by cousins Laura and Sam based in the UK. These indulgent popcorns are vegetarian friendly and gluten free, made with natural high quality ingredients. Laura and Sam dedicated months testing over a hundred different flavours until they perfected their recipe. It was then they started receiving requests from friends and family and had to move from the kitchen into the garden shed.

Popcorn Shed has seven delicious flavours; Pop ‘N’ Choc, Butterly Nuts, Salted Caramel, Pecan Pie, Berry-licious, Sweet Cheesus and Say Cheese. Each have unique mouthwatering flavours, all made by tumbling their fluffy popcorn into freshly made caramel sauce before coating them into chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. The packaging is unique, creating a beautiful intricate ‘shed’ design.

Popcorn Shed

Over the weekend my family and I had the pleasure of tasting all the fabulous flavours sent by Delivered Social on behalf of Popcorn Shed.

We thought the popcorn was incredibly tasty each flavour was light and fluffy with its own unique character. Plus, the packaged servings were packed to the rim:

Pop 'N' Choc Popcorn Shed

Pop ‘N’ Choc – a coco caramel infused base, with a smooth belgium milk chocolate coating – a sweet chocolatey dream, great for chocolate fans!

Butterly Nuts Popcorn Shed




Butterly Nuts – lightly coated in peanut butter caramel and then peanuts are added to create a nutty crunch. – When we opened the package the whiff of reeces pieces came to mind, but the taste was phenomenal with a buttery nut flavour.

Salted Caramel Popcorn Shed


Salted Caramel – sea salt buttery caramel with a creamy belgium milk chocolate tasted tentalising, the sweet and salt really hit every spot for me. This won the Great Taste Award in 2017

Pecan Pie Popcorn Shed



Pecan pie – a nutty, buttery caramel coating with pecan scattered evenly, giving it a sweet roasted pecan flavour with a strong smell of toffee.

Berry-Licious Popcorn Shed


Berry-licious – a dark chocolate coating with real dried raspberry, we were intrigued by the description and it was true to its taste an indulgent fruity and sweet flavour.

Sweet Cheesus Popcorn Shed



Sweet Cheesus – real cheddar cheese with a caramel coating this was a buttery caramel flavour, sweet and salty just how I like it.

Say Cheese! Popcorn Shed


Say Cheese! – a creamy mature cheddar cheese great for savoury fans and my sister didn’t want to share! This was a moresh milky taste so realistic and I can’t blame her for wanting more! We weren’t the only people that thought this flavour was delicious as it won a Great Taste Award in 2018.

Our ultimate favourites were salted caramel, pecan pie and the say cheese! Since trying them and writing my review I have already ordered some more, I just can’t get enough of these indulgent treats, perfect for gifts like birthdays and Christmas.

You can find these gluten free gourmet popcorn at your local stores Superdrug, Co-op, Amazon, Ocado and many more.

*Disclosure: The product in this review was provided by Popcorn Shed on a complimentary basis.

11 thoughts on “Award Winning Gourmet Popcorn by Popcorn Shed

  1. I wouldn’t be able to decide which flavour to try first, they all sound amazing. When popcorn looks this good I can’t just have a few pieces though! 😀

  2. We love popcorns but not tried this brand before. The flavours are intriguing, would love to give the cheese, chocolate and salted caramel a go for sure

  3. Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks and I will definitely look out for this brand. Kaz

  4. Oh these all look divine! I love popcorn! I must admit, I’m not a huge savoury popcorn fan though but I’d absolute devour the Salted Caramel & Pop N Choc flavours! YUM

  5. I’ve had these before! Great brand with an interesting variety of flavours to choose from. Personally loved the chocolate popcorn 🙂 xx

  6. I saw these on your Instagram and I would definitely love to try these out. They sound delicious.

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