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Afternoon Tea at Sketch, Mayfair London

Sketch was founded in 2002 by Mourad Mazouz, his concept behind it was to involve everyone – as they offer fine dining, brasserie, a gateau brasserie, a tea room and a casual bar to enjoy art experiences with music and food. The culinary genius behind Sketch is Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire, his work derives throughout the five different restaurants within the 18th Century building – the Gallery, the Lecture Room, the Parlour, the Glade and the East Bar.

To keep it modern, Mourad allows an artist to create a new theme every 2 years in the Gallery room – this is where David Shrigley, has displayed his largest collection; hand drawn illustrations. He collaborated with Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire to present to guests the magnificant exhibition space.

Sketch is located on Conduit Street, Mayfair the nearest tube station is Oxford Circus.

Sketch London

Sketch has been one of my top restaurants to eat at for a long time – my friend Claire bought the experience for me as a birthday gift. My friends Kiran and Caddy met us at the restaurant. From the outside, it is just a plain building, it didn’t wow us until we stepped in. We felt like it was a playful environment; a hop scotch when you first enter, high ceilings with a creative backdrop. I felt I was walking into a ‘wonderland’.

Our table wasn’t ready, so the waiter asked whether we’d like to visit the toilets before settling in. Now that’s not the typical waiter first liner, but we happily obliged. We went through the pink room where everyone was happily chatting and enjoying their tea. We opened the double doors to a white backdrop – white stairs either side of a dome (I later find out it’s a bar). We were in awe of the white setting – surrounded by white walls that reached high up to the tinted glass ceiling, a white dome separated the gents and the ladies.  There were candles lighting the way leading up to the white “egg pods”, these were our toilets. 

After a ‘couple’ of selfies, our table was ready – laid out beautifully, cups and saucers with writing on them ‘Dreams, Ghosts, Forget about it’ this reflected his artwork along the walls of the gallery – all new 239 work, the largest exhibit he’s ever done! The Gallery also known as the pink room was quirky, the atmosphere was lively with a group of violinists playing modern music. We all chose the classic afternoon tea and Claire had the vegan classic tea £59 per person which offers a choice of tea, a ray of fingers sandwiches, sultana or plain scone, traditional Victoria sponge and petits gateaux.

As an hors d’oeuvre we had Egg and Soldiers – conte cheese mornay, 63 egg yolk, cornete cheese soldiers with caviar. It was an interesting flavour individually but every element on the plate played a part and when the flavours were combined it tasted amazing – salty cheese!

Claire had the alternative which was similar but the ‘caviar’ was cauliflower.

We chose a pot of tea each, I decided to go with vanilla black (a delicious vanilla flavour that complimented my assorted sandwiches and miniature desserts).

It was exciting to see the 3 tiered assortments beautifully laid out – almost too pretty to eat!

We started at the bottom with the assorted finger sandwiches – Salmon & Jacob’s cream; delicious I ate it whole, Coronation free-range Chicken was my favourite, as it reminded me of my childhood and the presentation was creative – I’ve never seen a sandwich so colourful but tasted amazing too! Green Asparagus, cucumber & ricotta also tasty. Foie gras tartelette I wouldn’t usually choose foie gras as a dish but this was an exception the tart had the right bite to it and the foie gras was so light and smooth, absolutely delicious would have asked for more if I could.

Here is the vegan afternoon tea –

Our waiter asked whether we would like plain scones or with sultanas, we all opted for the plain – it was warm when it arrived at our table; it was served with Cornish clotted cream and Organic rhubarb & hibiscus, Strawberry & Poppy Jams. Claire had a diary free option and it tasted very similar to our cream, we were all surprised how alike her vegan alternatives were.

The second tier was all about the sweet treats, I was very excited to try them all. I am definitely a sweet person rather than a savoury. The first one I tried was the Vanilla & strawberry Battenberg – cute presentation, with a delicious sponge wrapped in icing, I’m just mouthwatering thinking about it.

The second sweet treat was the Caramel & chocolate eclair it was petite and delicate, the caramel oozed out when I but into it.

The next treat was the Pistachio & apricot cake – smooth and creamy with apricot in the middle.

The third tier had the White peach & verbena cheesecake in a glass – each layer was divine, smooth and delicious.

The final sweet was the Berriolette Marshmellow it was presented like a knot and the flavour reminded me of one of my childhood favourites ‘Parma violets’.

After our waiter cleared our table, we were able to rest our stomachs for a bit, whilst we sipped on our teas. At this point we were really feeling the ‘sugar high’ and it was great we had a mini break before they bought out the final dessert, a traditional Victoria Sponge served from the trolley. I only managed a couple of bites before the sponge had defeated me. The cake was light and flavoursome, and I would have happily eaten more if I wasn’t full.

We all had an amazing experience, being part of David Shrigley’s art and Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire exhilarating tea experience. I highly recommend a visit, especially if you like the ‘little’ things in life. I cannot fault the service, we were treated like royalty. This is best booked in advance as it’s a 2 months wait! But worth every minute!

Their opening hours are from Monday to Friday 7am to 2am, Saturday they open from 8am to 2am and Sunday they open from 8am to 12.30 am.


3 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Sketch, Mayfair London

  1. This is the second blog post I’ve read on this place. It looks and sounds wonderful. I will deffo be having a look at going here in the future. You can’t beat a good afternoon tea! The foie gras and caviar do put me off a little though.
    Also is it weird that I want to go because of the toilets?? 🙈

    Great post!

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. No not at all! When I found out that my friends were taking me here, I was very excited to see the toilets! It’s definitely worth the experience 🙂 foie gras and caviar aren’t things I would automatically choose but to my surprise they were tasty.

      Let me know if you go!

      Wince xxx

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