2019 Food Collaboration Roundup

2019 Food Collaboration Roundup

I can’t believe we are about to begin a new year, it feels like yesterday that I wrote my first year round up! 

This year we worked with some amazing new brands and some well known ones too! We met so many wonderful people, and have become friends.

We started 2019 off with Vegan Life Live and hosted a giveaway for my followers, with 5 pairs of lucky winners to their show in March.

In February we were invited to the relaunch of Keloggs all-brans cereal, we met a couple of the Keloggs nutritionists – Matt Perkins and Dr Megan Rossi. I loved learning so much about our gut health and how much fibre benefits us.

In March we attended Vegan Life live, where we were overwhelmed by how many food stalls there were and so many samples to try! We were in heaven! 

In April we collaborated with the Horsham Gingerbread Bakehouse, they gifted us a box of their delicious spicy gingerbread and some of their tasty biscuits, we learnt a bit about Horsham’s history through the gingerbread tray. 

In May we worked with BNUTZ a healthy vegan nut butter that you can eat any time of the day! We also worked with Bakerstreet bread a company that considers our busy lives and has found a way to keep bread fresher for longer, by a cleaner packaging process to protect the tiny micro-organisms from creating mould.

In June we collaborated with Spice Way UK who gave us an opportunity to try out their spices and herbs which were gifted to us, each pot had its own character and really enhanced our dishes to the next level.

In July we were invited to the International Cheese and Dairy Awards, this was exciting and we love cheese, so this was right up our street! Plus this was where I found my true love… Epoisse cheese the silkiest and creamiest cheese I’ve ever tasted! Also the smelliest! 

In August we were invited to the summer event Work Me Shape Me, their 6th social event – fitness and foodie meet up. Each fitness studio is always different and this is a great way to meet like minded people. Towards the end of the month we received an American UK sweets subscription box from Taffymail, there were so many tasty sweets and snacks that I had to share with my family rather than eat it myself, but this is a great way to discover new snacks that you may never pick up in your local shop.

In September we worked with Pago juices a well known fruit juice company in UK and Europe. Their velvety juices were tasty and sweet. We also went to Haycock no.9‘s launch party which was a fun event, we met the brothers behind the drink and met fellow gin lovers. I must say this is a great drink for any celebration – a boozy lemon sherbet for adults!

In October we worked with Buy Whole Foods Online a healthy vegan wholefoods brand that care about our well being – sent us a couple of their textured protein chunks and date sugar to add in our recipes. Later in the month we were invited to meet the Cheese Geeks, cheese and wine party where we tried their Christmas cheeses and to create our own cheese boards to take home!

In November we were invited to ‘Spirit of Christmas’ by Joe & Seph, a magical experience full of designer clothes, beautiful interior boutiques and the best bit food stalls! Later in the month we worked with Dell’ugo the pasta company, we sampled 6 different fresh pastas – they were delicious.

Earlier this month we worked with Schwartz herbs & spices where we made our own interpretation of carbonara mix following some of their recommended ingredients.

I am looking forward to 2020 and what it might bring.

Thank you all for supporting me through my food journey and thank you to all the amazing brands who have collaborated this year, its been one amazing year and I hope 2020 I will bring more delicious foodie adventures to you all 😊

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